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A Golden Past APK 1.2.0 Download for Android

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1.2.0 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 17, 2023
205.6 MB
Required Android:
9.0 and up
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A Golden Past Chapter 1 APK for Android allows players to download this game online and play it offline. You should not play FANIC in this game. Despite their frightening appearance, these monsters are only capable of making you scream. It will take the final night for them to resolve the mystery of the place, but they will not be able to hurt you. The world will change horribly in a different way.

There is more horror game content in FNaF's for Android compared to other games. The most popular game on this page will always be horror, but you'll also find some action and adventure games here. All of our games are free, and you can download updates to fix any bugs you encounter.

You will be faced with the mystery and it will wait for you to unravel it. Try to uncover all of this place's dark secrets by putting yourself together. You will be heard better if you speak faster! A Golden Past – Chapter 1 APK for Android free download is now available for Android.

About A Golden Past APK

A Golden Past Chapter 1 download has been fixed. There are no other problems with downloading this game. This is a horror game that you can't miss when exploring the FNAF collection.

There is a diner called Fredbear's Diner where you will spend the second half of your week. This version will require you to overcome some challenges as long as you are able to do so. Other than that, there will be no hard work.

There is only one machine to fight in this game, so you only have to deal with Freddy. However, there will be a different Freddy to fight this time. A comparison of the old and new version, as well as a remake version. As part of FNaF Games' final night challenge, you will have to complete all missions. You will have a hard time coping with all the horror nights you are about to endure.


This is where it all began, Fredbear's Diner... I remember the past of working there, and suffering throughout, nobody believed me, so I hid everything. I must try and remember what happened that day and how it all happened, and how it all ended... The time has come to explore the golden past, to discover Fredbear's adventures, to discover his dark secrets. There will be no stopping me until I figure out the truth, no matter what happens.


A Golden Past APK is an immersive experience that transports players back in time. With its stunning visuals, captivating story, and challenging gameplay, it offers an exciting adventure for history enthusiasts and gamers alike. Whether you're a history buff or looking for a captivating gaming experience, A Golden Past APK is definitely worth checking out.

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