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Popcore Games
0.137.1 für Android
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Sep 01, 2022
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9.1 and up
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In the puzzle game Pull the Pin, your objective is to fill a bucket with various coloured balls at the end of each level. You just need to pull the pins in the proper order, but be careful—trickier it than it seems.

Playing Pull the Pin is incredibly easy, and the game's physics are accurate. All the balls above the pin will fall each time you pull it. There are two important points to remember when you pull the pins: coloured balls can only go in the bucket, and coloured balls can colour any grey ones they contact.

There are numerous stages in this puzzle game, all of which get progressively harder. You only need to be careful not to lose any balls at the beginning of the game, but as you go along, you'll also need to prevent other balls from destroying your colourful ones and prevent the grey balls from falling into the bucket.

What is Pull the Pin Apk?

Pull the Pin is simple to understand but challenging. The mechanics are effectively taught to you while you play the game. Simply swipe your finger across the pin to release it. If you're a big lover of the genre, Pull the Pin won't let you down even though it may make you think of many other Android puzzle games, including Happy Glass and many others. When you're bored or passing the time on the train, you'll be intrigued by this brainteaser game. Don't worry; there is a hint option available if you are stuck, and if you're really stuck, you can always ask your pals for assistance.

Every level is a challenging problem. You try to channel water from one end of the puzzle to the other, sort of like in an arcade game where you drop the coins. Pull the Pin in this scenario includes a wide variety of balls. You'll occasionally only need to move as many balls as you can to the finish line, but other times you'll need to ensure that they interact with other coloured balls and avoid being detonated by a large bomb.

The sheer amount of levels in Pull the Pin is one of its best features. You don't want the enjoyment to end, just like in any fantastic Android puzzle game. The game grows harder as you go, even if the stages are easy at first and you might finish two or three of them every minute. When you reach level 400, the difficulty has significantly increased from the starting point. There are some advertisements, but they will vanish with an APK Mod that is simple to download!


  • Easy to learn but addictive gameplay.
  • Conquer difficult puzzles.
  • To add variety to your game, purchase amazing skins.
  • music and visuals.
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Final Thoughts

Want to move quickly through challenging levels in Pull the Pin with Unlock every skin, Unlock all balls, and No Ads? To play the game easily, download the free Mod APK for Android smartphones.

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