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No Circula CDMX APK 3.1.8 Herunterladen für Android 2024

3.1.8 für Android
Aktualisiert am:
Mai 09, 2024
57 MB
Erforderliches Android:
Android 8.1+

The following modules are integrated with this application:

Auto: registers up to 5 CDMX vehicle plates and provides information about: the validity of your circulation card; the calendar of the program "Hoy no circula", where you can subscribe for contingency alerts; photocivical information and economic and environmental sanctions; your verification (can be scheduled for your next meeting); and if your vehicle is sent to the corral, you will be notified and given the depot's contact information.

My alarm and Help button at home: if you need help, you can sound the alarm on C5 to receive assistance from the police, paramedics, or transit.

Cartelera: know the cultural, sports and musical events that will be held in the city.

Chat Locatel: Ask about problems or services over chat and report 'no emergencies' to a person operating over chat.

Reporting digitally: Creates a digital report for general concerns about extravagance and crime.

Documents in digital format: your driving license, your circulation card, and your CDMX credential.

With Mi Taxi, you will be able to request a taxi from your phone or approach it on the street and register the license plate to know the name of the driver, share your journey, qualify and, in case of emergency, call with the assistance button.

An interactive map with mobility integrated, which shows metro, metrobus, trolleybus, light rail, cablebus, RTP, and concessional routes. Make sure you know how long it will take the metrobus and the RTP to arrive.

A citizen's report: the voice of a citizen expressing complaint about public services, comments, or suggestions. "My reports" allows you to add your location, send photographic evidence, and keep track of the status of your request.

Discover where the Government of the City has installed more than 23 million free WiFi points across 16 municipalities.

Through App CDMX, you'll be able to find the services of your interest in a practical, easy and efficient manner.

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