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Bloons TD 6 APK 37.0 37.0 Herunterladen für Android 2024

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ninja kiwi
37.0 für Android
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Jun 08, 2023
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9.0 and up

The Bloons Tower Defense game is probably familiar to anyone who has ever played mobile and Flash games. One of the most popular mobile strategy games today, Bloons TD is now shortened to Bloons TD 6 APK.

There are a lot of balloons trying to make their way through the map and into your base for those who haven't played this game before. The more balloons that make it past your defenses and into your base, the more likely you are to lose. Before the balloons can reach your base, you must build monkey towers to shoot at them.

Developed by Ninja Kiwi, Bloons TD 6 features new monkey towers, balloon types, and upgrades. This is the most fully developed version of the game so far. There are more towers, crazy weapons, and boosters than you've ever seen before to help you fight those pesky balloons!

How to play Bloons TD 6 APK

In order to play this game effectively, beginners should build a variety of defenses that can counter multiple types of balloon opponents. Build a variety of towers instead of just one type. It might work in the first level, but you'll quickly realize that there are new balloon types every day, and they require different approaches to defeat.

Having dart shooters in the early levels is effective, but you'll be much better off with canons if your balloons are even slightly armored. While cannons, on the other hand, can be constantly upgraded as the game progresses to make them more effective.

As soon as the game starts, you'll want to add snipers and ninjas to the mix. Ninjas aren't very good at shooting balloons, but they have incredible stopping power, which makes them very useful for combating the camo balloons you'll face as the game progresses. Snipers are great at picking off armored balloons from a distance, so make sure you invest in some of them as soon as possible.

Features of Bloons TD 6 APK

The Bloons TD franchise is always being upgraded and you'll always be able to use new towers with each release. The same applies to TD 6. It now features more fortifications, enemies, and upgrades than ever before.

New towers.

As compared to the previous game, there are now 21 towers, each with five upgrades. All three monkeys are new appearances: an Engineer Monkey, an Alchemist Monkey, and a Druid Monkey.

The balloons can now be fought in more ways than ever before. Three upgrade paths are available for all of your towers, so you can get the optimal defense in a variety of ways.

Balloons for the MOAB.

As well as new enemies, there are also new challenges. In the absence of specific towers, the Mother of All Balloons (MOAB) will cause you a lot of trouble. Additionally, purple balloons have been added. The new foes will require you to develop strategies to deal with them.


You can now develop your monkey tree f knowledge with more upgrades than in previous games. By doing so, you will be able to unlock new towers, upgrades, and bonuses that will help you along the way. Always make sure you're researching the right ones.

Heroes monkeys.

Nine hero monkeys are available, each with 20 unique upgrades. Your gameplay can be made more unique by customizing their skins so that they shred through balloons easily. Give them a try!

Maps updated.

Bloons TD 6 features 36 unique maps. The game is even made more challenging by the presence of 3D objects that block your field of vision. Become the dominant monkey by playing every map in the game!


The Bloons TD 6 will give you Unlimited Money, Unlocked everything, knowledge, and other bonuses while playing. Starting from the beginning, you will have a massive advantage and will be able to upgrade the best towers.

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