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9月 25, 2020
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X.D. Global
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Players welcome the land of adventure and love exploration. Ulala:  Idle Adventure (Mod God Mode / One hit start) is an online adventure release XD RPG Global. In this game, you have Stone Age, back to a time when dinosaurs died out. At the same time, the harmony of the people and the dinosaurs is life together.

Ulala Summary: Inactive adventure mode apk

Ulala Name:                        Passive Adventure

Publishing X.D.                   Around the world

Style 3D games,                  online games, RPG

Latest                                  version 1.4

Size                                      61m

MOD Features                    God Mode / One Heat

Android                               4.3 platform

Get over it

Usually, knights like fighting games or shadows of the mind are always necessary for the matter so much that some people do not at that time. If you want to improve your knowledge and skills, there is no other way to spend a lot of time in the basement or participate in PvP games. Through games, you need to stay strong to get his gold and equipment. If you are a busy person, you can hardly spend time for an RPG. Ulala: Passive adventure can solve your problem. Publishing X.D. There is a unique and interesting game role-playing world that allows you to spend and even less time to improve for them.


Plot Ulala: Inactive adventure stone turns a group of people of all ages, says Ulala. The desert and volcanic edges of the species remain at the bottom. The world is not just a man, but he also lives with other animals, such as small dinosaurs and some other cute animals. The war between the tribes of snow and fire and the lightning tribe was over yet. Hunting once played the horn embarked on an exciting discovery in the world of beautiful monster Ulala. They want Ulala to be a hunter's numbers?

Choose your character

Before you start playing, you need to choose the main character to accompany you throughout the trip. Currently, the game has four available characters. The characters are divided into sections including Sorcerer, Shaman, Druid, Mage, Assassin, Gladiator Warriors. Each class game has a different power and role. For example, for relief of stress, such support is capable of healing allies, the killer is a great loss. You can select the gender of each character. Here is some information for you to choose the right character for the strategy:

  • Both the killer and the hunter deal with multiple targets that enable huge characters to damage. Assassins are able to manage critical defects, but predators have a higher survival rate.
  • In addition, Gladiator and Gladiator are two powerful melee warriors. Gladiator has some skills to help the entire team do more damage than a warrior but is, in turn, a Warrior.
  • Both Druid and Dana are magicians who attack. Druids hurt, but Dana has a good defense.
  • Charming and shaman are two magicians. Glamorous, a set of skills many players have medicinal effects of suppressing abilities while fiddling with enemies.

Play the game

First, you need to create a team of four soldiers and three characters (controlled by AI or other players). Selecting characters will help you to open several interesting strategies. Each strategy meets any other type of enemy. You can use special strategies to help defeat bosses and monsters.

True to its name, Ulala: Passive adventure plays an indirect role. This means you have almost nothing to do. During the hunt, your four warriors will automatically find the enemy and fight them. Defeat their enemies, maybe dinosaurs, sabertooth tigers ... After defeating them, you gain gold, points of experience and resources.

Tired of choosing too many options, and how to update? Do not worry! Ulala passive adventure automatically updates if your characters, animals, and instruments play. Enjoy the hunt!

Pet shop

After defeating the animals, you can turn them into your pets. Stone Age animals like bored cats and dogs, T-Rex, Triceratops, Sabertooth tigers, Marmot breeders, etc. If you have found a foundation, where to research, retain them tools and many other interesting features. Pet are your friends on the battlefield. They can also expand and expand.

Play with friends for the trunk

Ulala:  Idle Adventure online game that allows you to fight conversations and chat with other online players. Create a fun Ulala world for all. Giant owns and where all players on the same server battle. If the owner killed all the server players will receive many important rewards.

The black market is a very interesting feature of the game. This way, you can buy and replace elements with players and other players.

Beautiful graphics

About Graphics, Ulala: Passive adventure beautiful and colorful 3D graphics. Bright colors, stunning skills effects. The characters, animals, dinosaurs are so sweet. Simulated in the wild, vibrant world of the game with many tribal activities. Thanks to the graphics and funny sound, your victim is like walking.

Are you ready for an adventure?

Ulala:  Idle Adventure spirits who love a game for those who adventure. It is true for people who are busy at work, it is very good to spend a lot of time, and not distract it. Stone Age includes adventure, fighting, and the strong warrior Ulala. If you love this game post a comment below the article left.