Rosewater Manor APK [vEp.8]

Rosewater Manor APK [vEp.8] Ep.8 下载 对于Android 2024

App By:
Daniels K
Ep.8 对于Android
3月 23, 2023
1.47 GB
9.0 and up

Rosewater Manor APK - As a detective, you are investigating the disappearances of some girls. As the case turns colder and there seems to be no leads, it ends up in your hands. In response to your wits, you land yourself a solid lead, which you follow to the strange Rosewater Manor. With the beautiful blonde Lucy Hale as the first resident, you soon discover that the other girls are there as well, but there is a catch... They seem to think that the demon wants to use them for his own gain. Moreover, one of them claims that their magical power comes from erotic and that it helps them recover it. Several strange things occur, and you start to believe them, you're trapped in a house area, unable to leave... Or so you think... It doesn't take long for things to get even stranger...

The game is full of twists and turns, a captivating story, mystery, and a very exciting erotic side. There's a lot more I can say about it, but I think you're already tired of reading so try it out and see what happens.


Episode 5 is the most comprehensive of all with 400 updated images and erotic animations. The show has a lot of interesting story content as well as hot moments with some of the girls, including the new ones. Your past choices will influence certain things, but this episode is primarily about story development. Also in this episode, you will encounter new animation formats (sexual ones) that seem better than the usual ones, mixed with the usual kind of animations you have seen previously. The story becomes deeper and more complex as relationships between characters develop and even take unexpected turns.

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