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9月 04, 2020
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Geisha Tokyo
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Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Skins
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Dinosaur Rampage (MoD Hides Open) - Dinosaurs have always been mysterious tales about animals and their extinction more attention since time immemorial. They are a symbol of the great sources of the organism that once ruled the world, the primordial power of animals. This mentality gripping, you see so many dinosaurs in the game and can inspire all matches will be said on this subject, are appreciated by many players.

Key mod apk storm about dinosaurs Summary

Dinosaur named Frenzy

  • Publishing Geisha Tokyo
  • Type 3D games, online games, survival games
  • The latest version 4.0
  • Size 51M
  • Open MOD hides facilities
  • Android 4.1 Platform
  • Get over it

Right now, you can easily find a survival game for smartphones. However, there is a new and addictive game of survival you may find it difficult to spend hours relaxing. Let me suggest the dinosaur rampage in Tokyo, a Geisha game. In recent days, it has become much easier and popular geisha in Tokyo Snowball.io shuttle run with an addicting game ...

New survival game

As mentioned above, dinosaur's rage is a survival game on the theme of ancient dinosaurs. Attack you guys on a modern simulation city where you control a huge T-Rex dinosaur dictator to take over the fight for survival. But your main goal is that people will not be able to eat or destroy the city, but instead, you must be made stronger and more defeated by other bloodthirsty dinosaur enemies... No.1 dinosaur is really a survival game.

The fact is that because of the existence of a new type of dinosaur game is the Key storm because the rules have changed. The goal is still the # 1 be a dinosaur, but because you can not be at stake over there to get the highest score, then map all the other enemies. With 2 minutes, in fact, you may be able to defeat all the enemies in a fight. That game helps varied gameplay. In many ways, the game is to become a master and champion of dinosaurs.

Game Play

Once you have the game, you and the other players are placed in a match at the beginning of a simulated city. At the beginning of level 1 and it is a very nice little dinosaur. But innocence is fast disappearing when dinosaurs destroy the city and the people to eat crazy. More buildings and people just help you develop dinosaur extinction termination points level. If to achieve a higher level, you can eat a little dinosaur.

If you, however, are eaten by a dinosaur. Therefore, it may be decided by a wise opponent. He can see with the enemies of the triangular arrow pointed in their direction. Thanks also to escape from the attacking enemy aircraft or know-how.

Please note that every game, sometimes meteorites fall from the sky. ALL just dinosaurs, but also the people as it rocks. He caused the extinction of dinosaurs, so be careful.

Tips and tricks

  • Dinosaur Rampage gameplay is the same amount as the City. Therefore, there are many players can get their own possibilities to find an easy victory in recent games. For a beginner, you can use the services of some of our suggestions.
  • To play an active, friendly first level, people can only eat to get a little experience. But if you need to reach a higher level when you find a small eating dinosaur. This is because that brings more profit.
  • Support things like: sometimes you will suddenly meet in the middle of the rainbow or street meat. This level brings more experience points.
  • Destroy TV Tower: You know the Tokyo TV Tower? There are many resources and has a large skyscraper. Destroy it!
  • Each game tasks set before the execution helps you earn even more coins.

To unlock new skins

After each game, you can get a coin price. Depending on the position after each game, you can earn more money. Money, you can unlock more of the other dinosaurs. However, only the dinosaur T-Rex game just to change their color. Appearance does not help fast or strong, but it can bring you interesting experiences.

Our Dinosaur Rampage (MoD open all skins) has been unlocked all the skins. You can select your favorite skins before the start of the game.


Dinosaur Rampage graphics based on 3D, but it's not really good and fast. Such as houses, trees, cars ... things are just as motivated. However, the graphics are not really large, which will help to terror and violence.


Dinosaur is rated a five-star game and rage all comments Google has expressed interest to many players have "addiction" with the game. And it's true. Tokyo Geisha If you have missed this fascinating game, it would be unfortunate. Unexpected challenges and lots of fun are waiting, waiting for you. Do not lose!