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Thg6 08, 2020
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Do you want to use the premium features for free? Download the App Cloner Premium MOD APK app from our website and continue the installation as usual.

Introducing App Cloner Premium

Because of the way you work, you have to create and use many different login accounts for an application. It is impractical if you have to constantly log in and out while you are working. At the same time, errors and data loss occur. App Cloner Premium, an application that creates and installs app clones, is designed to make your work more convenient and secure. With its outstanding features, you can create and install multiple copies of existing apps on your Android phone.

The best app cloner app for Android

As the name suggests, this application allows you to create and install multiple copies of existing applications on the device. These cloned applications run in parallel and run their native applications independently. This is very useful as the use of many social networking accounts is very common at this time.

While there are now many social networks that allow users to use multiple accounts in apps like Instagram and Telegram, most are not other apps. The App Cloner Premium application will be a tool to solve this problem. Works together with cloned applications and is completely independent of the original application. Automatic updates have not been received, so users can run the most stable version. It's convenient, isn't it?


Users do not have to worry about security when cloning many different applications. App Cloner Premium includes additional functions such as password protection, Android ID hiding, or secret location usage. If you still feel that this is not secure enough, users can fully install apps that only use data over WiFi. Just change the name and icon of the application. Disable automatic execution. Users can also remove permissions or allow cloned apps to be installed on the SD card. Currently App Cloner Premium has over 100 built in-app customization options. In addition, with each update, the developer has added many new options that users can use.

What's new in the premium version?

In the paid version of App Cloner Premium, users have full access to functions with more customization and higher performance. Some of the remaining functions in the paid version have been highly praised by users: the possibility of saving copies to an external SD card, preventing the app from running automatically in the background when the device is turned on or connecting the app. Open WiFi Stop certain file types. It has the ability to automatically block unknown hosts or domains from connecting to your application.

Intuitive interface

App Cloner Premium is highly valued for its premium interface design, which is quite flexible, simple, but no less professional. The app has two simple shades of white and blue, so users don’t feel more blind while working and can work day and night.

Some restrictions

Although App Cloner Premium can be downloaded for free, users must purchase a basic package to use this app if they wish to use it. This app also has no notification. This causes many people to feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable when using the app cloner premium for the first time when they have paid the amount and still do not know how to use it. Hopefully, the developers have more tutorials so users can easily understand how this app works.

By App Cloner Premium MOD APK Version

MOD Features

  • Premium Unlocked: All premium functions are unlocked.


App Cloner Premium ignores some of the paid functionality issues and is a mandatory app on everyone's mobile phone. Users can easily create and install different versions of existing applications. What could be better than playing games with multiple accounts on the same mobile phone? In particular, due to its small size (approximately 30 MB), this application is compatible with many device types and does not require high-configuration devices. With the best features that App Cloner Premium offers, you probably want to download and use it now!