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Kas 08, 2019
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Zuuks Games
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Unlimited Money
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Android 5.0

Bus Simulator: Ultimate (MOD Unlimited Money) - Probably for many of you who are Grand Theft Auto Tony fans. It can be said that this is an interesting game, I do not deny it. A role-playing game with great graphics and addictive gameplay. You can travel to the underground world and serve independently. So, one day, playing or setting up like the real gangsters behind the bus wheels, you have to transport people day in and day out. How will it feel?

Do not make enough spots to determine that a job is boring, as it becomes more or less an interesting experience that helps you understand the rules of traffic that you have to follow on a daily basis. So today I'm introducing a new game in this genre through Zuko's games, which is just a Bus Simulator: Ultimate the finale.

Be the bus driver

Bus Simulator: Ultimate is unlike any other driving game you've run. This game makes you a bus driver instead of driving crazy on every street in the city and hunting adventures with the police. Their task is to bring passengers to the desired location while ensuring the safety of passengers.

Really, the car console on your screen is not that hard to understand. More positively, this is very convenient. Players can control the bus using two buttons that adjust the direction of the left corner of the screen. In the right-hand corner of the screen, the manufacturer designed the actual structure similar to the lever, accelerator pedal, and brake pedal. The lever helps you control the front or rear vehicle. In addition, brakes and chokes control the speed of the vehicle. To drive a "soft" car, you have to coordinate the movements very easily and if you do not want to work with the police, you have to follow the traffic rules.

Another thing is equally important: make sure to use the turn signal every time you hit or turn. In this regard, the city is a very strict, conscious traffic partner.

Fast traveler

In addition to driving safely from Point A to Point B, you should also meet the basic needs of customers. After you arrive at the bus stop safely, guests will respond to you. These reviews are social and very real. In a Bus Simulator: Ultimate, every assessment, negative or positive, has many details. Sometimes you are uncomfortable with them, but maybe you are deserving of these choices.

To get good ratings, you need to improve your driving skills, provide customers with the basics, and violate traffic rules in any way. Some of the functions in the car can satisfy customers, such as turning on the radio in the car, improving the interior, getting to the bus stop safely ... There are over 250 radio stations, many modern and classic songs that you can enjoy.

Unlock lots of different cards

Your workplace in many countries around the world: Italy, Germany, Turkey, France. However, the first time you play a game you can only drive on two major routes. To expand the scope of the application, players must work hard and earn money with hard travelers to unlock new routes. You have to spend really well because there is no money abroad.


Bus Simulator: Ultimate Truck Simulator 2018 is an upgrade: Europe in terms of gameplay and graphics. The game provides a nice, realistic 3D visual background. This route takes place in one of the most important cities in the world, the same for every expansion. The effects of day and night and various climate changes provide you with experiences similar to driving in practice.

In addition, the sound effects are extremely lively and exciting. The sound of the engine, the sound of the prisoners and the radio are all very realistic sounds. These pictures are very familiar if you frequent the bus.


Bus Simulator: Ultimate is a game that promotes traffic safety and working life and has taught me a lot about the rules of driving. Although it is impossible to create stress like street racing games, the sport still provides entertainment and training for drivers.