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Shadow Fight 3 (MoD Static Enemy) is a very popular shadow war Nekki RPG series going on. At first glance, it looks like a shadow. Detailed features of the way the hero is now hidden in the shadow of the legendary warrior, but the shadow squad, whose name, gender and new face appearance are available to you.

Shadows 3 mode apk combat summary

Name - Shadow Fight 3

Publisher - Nekki 

Genre - 3D, Countervailing, Offline

Latest version - 1.19.4

Size- 102MB

MOD Features - Freeze Enemy

Support - Android 4.1

Get over it

One can say that the Nekki game has improved dramatically in both gameplay and graphics, a cult battle of the best-modified series of play games companies. And the best fighting sports rank takes place in the fight against shadows by entering all three of these factors on the platform.

Familiar war gameplay

Unique you equip your character with a fighting style

Like every other game of this genre, you will use a variety of joystick buttons and launch attacks. Hit by powerful cut tips and anger. Better yet, you can buy new capabilities, as the game progresses.

Remember to throw the opponent weapon, because a very flexible fight. If you call for help from the power of darkness - and the weapons fall into your hands as well, you will simply have to fight with your hands.

Many tools for character

See a bit like the specialty equipment system shadow fighting 3 RPG game.

To fight Shadow 3, you will have the opportunity to use many different weapons and tools. Your character objects that look very dangerous, strange style face Batman or double swords because of such daggers and nunchaku, sharpening of weapons and even. Choose to play their own unique fighting style of weapons and character you decide to role.

There are a lot of difficult levels when winning a very powerful great tool award. You can use storage, add-on tools and create a dream war gear and upgrades.

Many challenges in the big game world

The world is full of stories waiting for you to find out

Force dynasty and three groups of Herold struggle to fight the shadows of about 3 shadows. Army shadow fraction can control the energy of a powerful energy source shadow in the team. When fully charged, your character can use shadow shapes to increase speed, increase strength and unlock the ability to cast shadows. Didn't come because your opponent will also get dark powers ...

Choose what group to connect with you, after you want to start training. Because of the shadow team of soldiers, you will face the henchmen of the great Shadow Warrior ruler with his own tactics and weapons.

Brand new graphics

Before fighting two shadows, our characters are now just a mysterious black. After its size, the character is returned all the way to full color on a 3D graphics background new film. Shadow Fighting 3 takes advanced technology designed for this game, to create a world-class game fight for extremely beautiful and high-quality graphics, to a new level, by the player incredibly vivid and incredible.

The game's graphics are quite fresh, showing the mechanism of the characters with a system of battle signals. When I tried it, I was impressed by the skills and effects of the game combo, it looks really epic and exciting.

Some questions shadow 3 Battle Over

How enemies are frozen?

Fighting 3 mod shadows, you can stop the enemies. The enemy jumps, attacking you, aiming to freeze your enemy's time.

Note that when you arrive and attack the enemy, you will be frozen.


What he has learned from the game, he says, is not an exaggeration

Shadow War is one of the three best fighting games ever. New gameplay updates, new graphics backgrounds make sure you are inherited from their predecessor fan with passionate game fighting.

Come on, it's time to return to the Dark Ninja world and clear the world's darkness.