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มิ.ย. 04, 2563
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Unlimited Coins
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Blend It 3D (MOD Unlimited Coins) is a casual game with emulator elements that can help you become a talented barista. On the other hand, it is also considered to be the most effective time-killing device I have ever known. Please download, experience, and test!

Introduction Blend It 3D

The bartender is an interesting business and has received a lot of attention since then. If you want to start a career, but have not yet had the opportunity to participate, Blend It 3D is the best and most intuitive course you are looking at!


The game begins as a newborn and guides the basic steps to prepare delicious fruit juices and cocktail cups. Of course, in the beginning, you have to pay attention to quality in order to attract customers. Blend It 3D combines real simulation elements to give you the most realistic experience. Customers on the beach will stop buying bottled water. They’re not as nice and beautiful as their own hand-made cucumber smoothie, are they?

Is juice difficult to mix and how does it work? First, look at the tool. You need a mixer or a dispenser accordingly. Do not forget the fruits. When everything is ready, you have to touch the screen to push the material under the rotating blade. Remember that pineapples or carrots also have green leaves and stems. It tastes so bitter, I think your customers don’t want to enjoy this taste!

Everything seemed. Your drink can be delivered to guests waiting in front of the counter. But not! You should dress for the better beauty and help stimulate everyone's taste. Change the type of mug, add the effects of ice, fire, and roar or add straw with a unique shape.

Search for lots of interest

Your bartender career starts with simple glasses of carrot juice. When visitors visit your store, they too will be amazed. This miracle Blend It 3D extends to everything. From cups, fruits to donors, and decorations.

If the tools and materials are more comprehensive, of course, you have the opportunity to show off your personal talents and learn more new formulas. For example, make drinks with carrots, chocolate, and watermelon or fresh lemon with ice and snow! Will consumers never be thrilled to enjoy flavors they have never tried in their lives? You will soon show through emotion and judgment that the game will appear when your challenge is over!

Blend It 3D stimulates the creativity of the player when you give them a lot of weird drinks you’ve never heard of before. A robot likes to drink “phone juice” with some cucumbers. A zombie with green skin enjoyed fragrant food that humans can no longer use.

The lucky spins

As a reward for excellent people, if you complete a stage or a challenge, you will get a round of luck. There you have the opportunity to receive items such as mills, coins, or rare fruits.

However, if you think you are not really lucky, you can get this luck and get a chance by looking at the ad!

Upgrade and expansion

You are a professional bartender who has the magical hands to create a masterpiece of "juice" with great interest. This is why guests come to your shop frequently. Please update your bar to serve everyone. The "Standing" table is on the right side of the screen. It is very small, with no chairs and no tablecloth. You can update them to see the difference.

If you have a good reputation, you need to redesign the bar to match your success. Do you want to expand the dome and add high chairs around the preparation? Would you like to add a speaker and add a flash to host an outdoor party? People will tell you that these ideas are great!

And yet Blend It 3D also has a night and night effect. As you know, it is very hot outside the beach. Drinks are great for reducing heat, but it would be nice to have a large palm of coconut in the bar. Both shades can be a great resource for fur sheds, aesthetic landscapes, and customers!

MOD version of Blend It 3D

MOD function

  • Unlimited Coins: Is your interest business financially difficult? Do you want to buy something but can't afford it? Don't be upset. Use the MOD version of Appstoreaccess, all your problems are solved.


I'm looking for a lot of things to experience this game. The game gives me relaxation after a hard day’s hard work. However advertising is not one of my expectations. They totally annoy and disrupt the player’s experience. The MOD version we offer complements all the benefits that video offers. If you use the MOD version of Appstoreaccess, you can turn off the internet while playing this game!