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Программы , 3D , Online , Shooter
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апр 01, 2019
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Android 4.1+
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In recent years, mobile games have become more popular and rich. While the quality is not comparable to the PC game, so the user experience is a very big advantage of mobile gaming. Is not only a trend but many people smoking, you can do anytime, play anywhere, anywhere. The realization of the potential market, the mobile game developers are constantly adding new games to increase graphics quality and variety of gameplay.

Payday is a good PAYDAY: Crime War had to be adapted to suit the classic and better mobile content on your PC versions of robbery. But although at first glance Optimized graphics and quality game is not worse than the quality of the PC version for devices.

The control system is referred to as

Like the PC version, the payday Crime War is a first-person shooter game, love a well-known visual style gamer, FPS. The control system is very familiar, it is not a separate category. Like throwing grenades or shooting Moving Activity Player is designed to be easy to handle the scientific game.

Heisters or the police?

Payday world was at war crimes appeared to many criminals. And of course, steal their work, are nothing more than drug trafficking and murder. It does not seem so easy when the police against such criminal acts. The general story of the game is very simple and easy to understand way. What fierce gunfights with police terror or destroy the enemy, you need to select that character.

Fight with your colleagues

Version payday performance often requires very high due to the teamwork of the players' gameplay. You have to defeat 4v4 PvP arena, where you and three other friends to join the fight with other opponents. In addition to shooting, Payday war crimes look easy rider worked hard with him.

If you are a terrorist, you will look, such as how to work remotely in coordination with its partners, to rob a bank ... Each mission will complete your termination, money, and many other exciting prizes. It depends entirely on strategy player, she decides to keep it. When the mission is completed, the police will cope with them directly, but other players are not synthetic. So, in order to survive, it is very important to contact their colleagues and teamwork.

Payday interesting points: Crime War

Usually, have to fight very well take about 5 minutes for every gun in the mobile game. But PAYDAY:  Crime War players need to be strengthened to equip provide their characters with permission war weapon upgrades and player trading system. At the same time, you can store games heavy machine gun.


FPS games graphics the spirit of the players is designed to create a certain satisfaction. PAYDAY:  Crime War it is built on a real 3D platform with impressive effect. Game characters almost like flexible enough FPS games. FPS war crimes that should be the perfect choice for Love Games 2018: Generally, I think payday.