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сен 29, 2020
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Giant Global
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If you are a fan of the Dark Souls game series, Pascal’s Wager APK is an Android game that you should not ignore. You can download the game for free through the link below the article.

Overview information

NamePascal’s Wager
PublisherGiant Global
Version0.2.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Introduce about Pascal’s Wager

Have you ever imagined a world without the sun? This happened in Giant Global's new action game, Pascal's Wager Bat. The game predicts that players will temporarily forget about the Dark Soul. After success with Xbox, PS4, and recent iOS versions, the game has finally released the Android version.

Compared to other role-playing games of the same Pascal's Wager bet was more valuable for telling his extremely detailed and intense story, which lasted about 20 hours. Lots of NPCs, lighting effects, and the sound of the narrator will take you on an exciting adventure.


"Dark world, a fallen sun".

Pascal's Wager condition is about the colossus that brings everyone to light. According to legend, they appeared when the sun disappeared and brought eternal darkness throughout the kingdom. Colossus emits light, clears the night fog, and inspires people to discover the land of light. To survive in a world of darkness, humans must follow Colossus. That is why he is called the walking God.

Colossus is scattered in different areas. Pascal's Wager is near a mine. People live and depend on the light of Hegdem to work. They are waiting for a new stop.

The admin colossus was weakened after the Mered attack. However, its light is enough to save the survivors from the darkness and Sandril.

Like the sun, Colossus also mysteriously fell slowly. As a postman named Terrence, he lost his beloved wife. Believing the missing woman to be involved in the fall of Colosseum, Terrence went in search of the missing woman and uncovered the secrets of this world.


The graphical Pascal's Wager condition is difficult to ignore. With detailed 3D graphics, it impressively imitates the dark, cold, and desolate world. Overall, Giant Global did a great job with the image of the Android version. While some effects don't really match, overall the game offers some unique attractions that you can only get on the pascal bet.

The environment, characters, and monsters are all detailed and real imitations. You immerse yourself in a dark, adventurous world, from the perspective of every movement and every character. In addition, you can edit scenes with large angles, depending on the speed of the game.


When I talk about the sound of Pascal's Wager claim, I'm interested in two elements: music and sound.

In terms of soundtrack, it’s undeniable that the publisher has done pretty well. Noise is also a factor that helps increase coolness and frustration in the game. Players manage to stimulate emotions in different fields and in different stories, and those players seem excited, curious, and excited about what will happen next.

However, there are many players who complain about the sounds in the game. Sometimes the sounds do not match the atmosphere and background music. This makes the overall look a little weird. You may feel sympathy for the publisher's limited budget. Hopefully, this will be decided in future versions.

The game

Despite an elaborate and complex narrative, Pascal's Wager mission has a gameplay that is not significantly different from games of the same genre. You choose your favorite character, then battle with the character and explore the rest of the storyline.

In the game, you can use two characters in battle. If one character loses, another character can appear and continue the fight. You can change the two characters whenever you want. This feature gives you the flexibility to choose the right strategy for each area.

The console is beautifully designed. The publisher is trying to help you fully enjoy the game footage. So, they have reduced the control buttons as much as possible so that there is not much space on the screen.

Control methods of role-playing games are well known. You use the Virtual Joystick (hidden on the left) to control the character. You use skills like slashing, sliding, and blocking with the right side buttons. Information such as Maina and HP is indicated by two strips at the bottom instead of the top.


Terrence is a knight, the character we mentioned in the plot. He is a postman who has been expelled from the church for sin in the past. One day it comes to the key to the fall of Colossus. He discovered the secret of Colossus and found his missing wife again.

Viola is a target with a gun. He met Terence again after he accidentally escaped Sandril. He has a mysterious past concerning the church. Even with Terrence, she did not reveal who she really was.

Norwood is a mysterious killer in a mask. Norwood rescued Terence while they were both in admins. With one hand he could easily kill a robber.

Banita is a monk who can use magic. He is Terrence's only friend. He gave up the vision of saving his friends. It didn't matter to him because there was no light in his original world.

How to install Pascal's Wager APK + OBB

  • Download Pascal's Wager APK and OBB files.
  • Open the file.
  • Copy the folder to the Android / obb folder.
  • Install the APK file.

Download Pascal's Wager for Android

Pascal's Wager on the Google Play Store is $ 3.99. However, you can download and install them for free from our website. Are you ready to embark on a journey to discover the light that has long since disappeared in the human realm?