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дек 16, 2019
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Have you ever wondered," "What a rich and famous life is?" "Maybe many people imagine what happens in their lives. It is now almost immediately estimated that he will experience fantasy about it in life with My City: Mansion APK, a Very exciting simulation game My City game.

Summary of My City: Mansion apk

Name: My City Mansion

Publisher - My Town Games

Genre - 2D, Education, Offline

Latest version - 2.3.0

Size - 64MB

MOD Features - No.

Support Android - 4.1

My City game company specializing in designing life simulation games for kids. Encourage your game creativity and help to open a dynamic global perspective for young children. This includes amazing themes in my town, my city, wonderland, such as the supply chain ... But for younger children with higher levels of education, adults should strive to get a new perspective on life experiences. A beautiful and meaningful life.

Live in the big villa

Come if you live in a modern and luxurious villa royal life my city villa. What a house they will be filled with all this new home full of glory. Such ... Garage Heliport Because golf courses have so many interesting places with their interests. Each floor has a lot to discover about rooms with new items. for me, I really like the roof, where great golf courses and new helicopters do not exist.

Exploring my townhouse life as a simulation game and as it can be called is a game. In your villa, you can find a place to invest and learn new things. Everyone who is there is just a home that you can be affected by, is it boring? Therefore, it is in your home that you can freely change its discretion. Hundreds of furniture types are able to choose for any room of any style: almost classic, romantic, ... don't worry!

Search Business

My City: Mansion is a very interesting looking at the upper world. You will be impressed with either very attractive and very lucky. All are in your home. They come with a lot of characters, you can find and this house will help you do what you want.

If you want to drive a modern and epic supercar, go into the garage and choose your favorite car. And it's the people who work as drivers to move around the city. You are not trying to go ... exactly why on foot by city by helicopter! Helipad on a huge golf course and terrace. Helicopter movement is a new experience, but golf at the top of the city is also a good idea. They wait a lot of new things and "more than 20 characters to find life fabulous.

Party with friends

Have you ever thought of an epic pool party with your friends in your own pool? My City: Mansion is also very easy on your imagination. Pool music, exotic food, and drinks made by the main RoboChef to move the cool space will surely not disappoint you.

Small game

One thing that is significant, and suitable for children in My City: Mansion, fun mini-games. This game puzzle such as Inspector, etc. but especially because of the brain and creativity, that stimulate these games in their bedroom, where the perfect quality features. 5 stars amount. It looks like a small paradise!

Also, if you like, you can try to become a professional rock singer with a famous band. It's a place where you can enjoy rock style, but also enjoy country music, light music, only classical music ... and you will also sing while the singer is dreaming. , It is not impossible to do with the legendary band.


Finally, My City: Mansion is still classified as a game for kids ages 4-12. Therefore, the image quality is simple but still very lively and has bright colors. This helps children not be affected, but still a fun experience.


Discovering the New World for Kids in My City: Mansion. The game is completely safe for children in the capital and has no ads. But for my elderly people who have a lot of confidence in this game, the children of this game will enjoy it. A new class brings a very interesting experience. Download My City: Mansion now to enrich lives and inspire yourself!