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июн 24, 2020
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Klondike Adventures (Mod Unlimited Money) is a brave girl grenade from Kate and men searching areas of Alaska. Complete the construction of buildings, factories, and tasks to take care of our farmers and the elements needed for your campaign. For both Android and iOS games on the platform. The first release promises games to bring you excitement over the experience promises.

Summary about Klondike Adventures MOD APK

Name - Klondike Adventures

Publisher - VIZOR APPS

Genre - 3D, Offline, Simulation

Latest Version - 1.53.2

Size - 110MB

MOD Features - Unlimited Money

Platforms - Android 4.4

Get over it


Welcome to Time Machine. Next stop: 19th Century Klondike Gold Rush Canada draws thousands of workers. Klondike Adventures will take you straight from your smartphone screen - today in a different place in the world. If you are not just a visitor, however, you have Kate and Paul. Then the snow will be the major factor destroying the cold northern region. Here you will find a bold new way of looking and moving it to the fullest.


Take care of workers and animals, and do not forget your daily produce: Beans, pruning, barn harvesting, as well as selling products from eggs for their sale, livestock, rice, wool, shade in cow's milk. Concentrated in neighboring towns. By preparation and dispatch order, you will need to develop the town to receive coins and energy Klondike. In addition, the construction of buildings are such workers as factories, houses for ships, ... but also an important work of meat is produced for you.


When you have enough energy and work done you will unlock the new country on the map. Klondike Adventures includes 11 season tickets. Each card includes 5-6 different cities and small-town events. They must participate in special events and times where you have to look, want to move forward in the area. You can find gold-digging energy anywhere in the pages function even special things will help you a lot.

But if some of its residents don't mean I'm going to be a nice award. Pay for all health care: Here's a suggestion that travelers tell each other. Alaska's cold climate is not absolutely necessary, and if there is a fever, you have to determine their destiny.

You can use gold to buy factories and homes for its residents. It is through all levels the work to buy seeds to keep gold and easily enough from the necessary food sources. If you have money, you can also use the money to buy sapphire. The exchange of pages will help with energy and gold, but sleep and energy are earning much more expensive than its spending amount. So I suggest you have a page that you use. They are lacking in energy but they have many options. Now how do I also want an energy play?

  • Business sweets, chocolates, ... that you have access to the production limit by every animal when they come to the embroidery machine.
  • Replace fruit, honey, mushrooms through the roasting machine, you can cut through the material cutting plants.
  • Blueberry Jam brings an important energy source for you, cooking, grilling.
  • The idea that completing a high-level country will increase the difficulty and complexity of the ideas you work with, but don't worry, is not the only solution. Klondike Adventures also helps you find your way. To avoid wasting your energy.


Game 2D graphics design, the process of downloading some low-profile machines can be a little long. The game pictures are also not fussy, but still very good and reasonably made. I have scenes and people like this game. They are very beautiful.

Klondike Adventures online game, but they did not advertise too much. Advertising is displayed when there is help in the game, but we can also actively decline. People who don't have more than one game, how many ads do I have, and you probably do. But it is also very hostile if you can play without Wi-Fi.


Klondike Adventures cleverly combines elements of farm and product production with strategy, which is both a modern and fun building game. And best of all, you have to sit on a super cute dog option sled! Also, try to play this game, I'm sure just because I'm fun.