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Программы , 3D , Online , Survival
1.14.3 для Android
фев 27, 2019
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Mod Features:
Free Craft, Unlimited Money, Max Durability & More
Требуется Android:
Android 4.1
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Cube Survival Story wondered what the fate of civilization collapses? In order to survive when you wake up and you believe that you are the only one converted to a corpse on earth survived one day, then you should? Do you think you want to try the solid survival history experience version released on the last day by the popular survival game on the ground running, produces Mischka?

The gameplay is similar to LDOE

Play Cube exists in history, you should be in the last days of the world in which the culture is dead, the world. Many people are killed on the brink of extinction and continued to drive into the scary zombies and then spread the disease. You're the last survivor of the world. Another survival game, you have to survive all the bloody zombies, you should be able to do. They get hurt and eat what they can see, and even dangerous animals wait somewhere.

What should you do to survive?

The game is not only to collect an ax, home for the body to survive, but you also have wood, stone, food and the need to avoid the need to make. Zombies will become stronger with the rest of the world, need to struggle in order to survive dangerous animals. Once you have built a solid foundation, you can also collect my weapons and fuel to fight zombies and animals.

Over time, you can create the next level experience by going to other elements that are more advanced in weapons, you can do things such as cars, mobile phones, USBs, modern items of guns… even more, homes to expand or create their base for themselves. The area protected by the construction of the camp.

A mission with an attractive price

Cube lifeguard story you enhance the experience to fight the different types of zombies in various fields and destroy beneficial tasks to accomplish. You should have a solid base to complete multiple tasks quickly and kill zombies and many modern weapons.

Fight with other players

In addition to a solid foundation for the creation of modern weapons, zombies, kill, you can fight with other players. Other players were then able to go on the attack and win their support resources. In addition to the terrain and fight with your friends on a large scale with a powerful build different types.

Simple graphics

Cube life as 8-bit graphics in Defense History, Minecraft, instead, so that it can play any phone with a clean design reduces the size of the game, including a low profile on the phone with dramatic ease. Top-down view, a new perspective gives you a glimpse into the area. Extremely diverse such as water, rope, keys, screws, band camps ... For such phones, modern things like cameras ... Very similar to real-life equipment systems, small parts as equipment.


Cube Survival Story is a great survival game, fun and rewarding game you can test your survival skills with harder challenges. Currently, the game is available on Google Play.