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set 25, 2020
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Rollic Games
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Unlimited Money
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Don't you like Go Knots 3D (MOD Unlimited Money) which brings you real challenges? Use your imagination with intricate chains that are complex.

Introduction of Go Knots 3D

Simple games with a life theme always help players shoot in comfort and free time. This doesn't put much pressure on the player, but it's so addictive that you want to play more. And the game that has always wanted to bring simple but very interesting games is the name of a publisher, Rolling Games Publisher. Your games are very popular on Google Play. Most games have reached 1 million downloads on Google Play, an impressive number for a relatively new developer on the market. In this article, we will learn more about Go Knots 3D, the latest puzzle game.


Go Knots 3D is a puzzle game. For each level, you stand in front of a multi-colored board with chains and bars. Your job is very simple. Remove the rope knot so that the ends of the rope are in the same bar. You need to make sure that the chains are not connected to the other cable. This is much easier if you know that there are no deadlines or special requirements at any level. That sounds pointless and boring, doesn't it? But in fact, after playing this game, you will think about it again.

There are many challenges in the game

There are no instructions or lessons for you in the game. But don't worry, you'll know how to play after the first level. Some beginner levels are fairly simple. This helps to know how the game works. But after about 10 levels, challenges arise. It wasn’t a giant dragon, not a cellar full of monsters or anything. The game only increases the number of series and the number of colors over time.

Don’t stop there, they are in a messy position and connected to each other. Ordering is the basic element. To get to the right place you need to know which category is at the top. This way you can solve all the Go Knots 3D puzzles. Just one mistake, you can turn your puzzle into a precious mess.

Go Knots 3D is not difficult. I think you think that too. But it really challenges your patience. If the level is difficult, it will take 15 to 30 minutes to complete the level. That’s perfectly normal. Try different methods until the puzzle is complete.

What will you get after each level?

After completing each level, give coins. The higher the level, the more coins you will get. There is an option to triple the amount you receive or to opt-out if you do not want to waste time.

What can you unlock?

To help players score more goals in Go Knots 3D, the system gives you a variety of chains and scenarios. You can unlock a random view with a random chain of 1000 coins and 2000 coins.

Unlocking new scenes won't simplify your process, but it can help improve your visual experience. Apart from that, changing colors and graphics can also help you get bored and bored, especially if you get stuck on a particular puzzle. If you spend too much time on the puzzle, try changing the series and scene sometimes. Maybe you have a new idea?

About promotional videos

Promotional videos give you some benefits, such as increasing bonuses after each level, for example, but this in turn spoils your experience. Sometimes you spoil the difficulty level and the ad immediately spoils the mood. If you do not want to watch the ad video, turn off the Internet during playback. This may reduce the number of coins received, but it will improve your experience.


The physics of Go Knots 3D is impressive. The chains are raised and left like a real rope. The size is constantly changing as you adjust it. You can feel the difference depending on the effect of the game and the content of the strings with the sound. You can also enable/disable vibrations.

MOD version of Go Knots 3D

MOD function

  • Unlimited Money: With the MOD version you can disable the internet while enjoying this game because not all the benefits of advertising are necessary if you have a lot of money.


The feeling of opening a real rope helps you relieve stress. It helps you reduce stress, fatigue, and learning after a day's work. That being said, I found it very interesting too. If you don’t believe it, you can try it out by downloading the game to your phone today!