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The farm game gives players a great feeling. The game has brought us endless fields, mountains and rivers to peaceful countryside with a stream next to our court. This is the life many people desire. Avoid busy after we temporarily live in the city. No pressure, no more stress. No more worries about no more money, enjoy life clear and real farmer. Not that most of you take the time, we will test the popular farm game on Google Play.

Summary about Farming Simulator 20 MOD APK

Name - Farming Simulator 20

Publisher - GIANTS Software

Genre - 3D, Simulation, Offline, Cultivation

Latest version -

Capacity - 469M

MOD Features - Unlocked Cars 

Support - Android 7.0

Farming Simulator 20 Giant software was released in the United States editor and is based in Europe. Farming Simulator is one of the most prominent farm game series in the market. For Android not released, the game also has a lot of success because of other platforms such as PC, console, Nintendo Switch. Since the first edition was released in 2008, the game has always been at the player center on the world. Each year they have to bring a new version of the players with many new features and significant improvements in graphics and gameplay quality.


Opportunities before real, detailed graphics you can easily identify. Heyday, because of the traditional farm township, farming simulator 20 is a practical way to fake cartoon graphics in the real world instead of huge. The landscape is also inspired by farming in North America, so a peasant or practical experience. I enjoyed driving the truck and visiting the sightseeing. Although the game is very big in the world, the game is still always respected in every detail. Trees, cars, objects, courtyards such as halls are very real.

Playing style

Farming Simulator 20 is a simple task, in fact, it is not very important and does not affect your experience. In this section, you play the role of a farmer on a farm in North America. It is a large country inherited from his family. He works with heroes and will develop the largest ranch in the United States to develop their farm.

Run a real farm job. Farming, planting, planting trees to sell their agricultural products for the benefit. As your bottom is renewed, you begin to degrade your soil. Then you can grow pig rice, corn, potatoes, and other plants. At a higher level, more new cultures are unlocked. You can use a variety of plants to grow the area to allow a great amount. Don't forget to take care of your plants by watering and pollinating. Track the weather, find the right seeds for each session. After this game, you will feel the hard work of the farmers. To get good crops, they have to work very hard every day and always noticed the weather change.

Become a real farmer

Game work means that trucks and tractors can work in different hands instead of using them, through which agriculture is inspired in real life. First, their farm is small and does not have much technology. They make a lot of money, you must work hard, buy all your farm and expand many new technologies.

Although, the main objective of the players' farm game company, farming simulator 20 still many things that you think. Not only sowing and harvesting, you can also use a variety of animals such as cows, sheep, ducks, and raised cows to bring some products such as beef milk. Sheep can also find meat and fur. But you, too, can keep a hound from thieves and wolves to protect their farm.

Unlock more vehicles

With such a large farm, you cannot do everything yourself. It can only take a month to finish their work if you arm. This is not a wise plan. You can unlock a wide range of vehicles, machines, and technologies for convenience to unlock in the yard. For example, a wanted and harvesting machine helps to work quickly and precisely in the region. You just have to sit there and drive the car that will help you finish the rest.

Farming simulator Antreibschnittstelle 20 is quite simple, just as a simulation game. It is a spare key to get or sow. There is a help screen to get the small map on the left if you want to access quickly.

The cost of buying a car is not cheap. But the car costs several thousand dollars. In addition, using the car to maintain what you need after a period. It's expensive. We offer all vehicles to unlock the MOD version with features. You can make any kind of vehicle to unlock completely free.

Career status

Farming Simulator 20 offers some of the most interesting positions. Career mode is one of the main positions in which you are free to explore and develop their farm. In addition, the game is also an intense practice for you. Lawn, deforestation or certain tasks to deliver such goods within the required time period. Mission accomplished, you have a lot of money and resources. You will have times when you will be covered with an extra amount of rewards on the entire mission.


Farming Simulator sells for $ 5.99 20 Google Play app stores and more. However, if you have to download and install the free game through the link below our article. For many, a farm entrepreneur is a dream, but it is also a challenge. Your free time or weekend breaks in the game evening are perfect for you. There was a gain or loss. Now invite the real farmer responsible for this game experience.