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out 01, 2020
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Exos is in chaos due to the curse of the dragon Exestruk. Download and install the APK file of Exos Heroes and regain its inherent peace!

Overview information

NameExos Heroes
PublisherLINE Games
Version1.7.0 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Introduce about Exos Heroes

A number of popular role-playing games have started a new action role-playing game called "Father", Line Games, Exos Heroes. When you reach this game, you will embark on a journey to find the legendary sword. It was cursed by the ancient dragon asterisk.

Exos Heroes is a bold styled bold storytelling RPG that opens up a vast open-world for players to explore independently.


Hundreds of years ago, Exos Heroes two peaceful races made up of humans and dragons. This did not end forever when the dispute between the two races began.

Wars broke out everywhere. Dust, smoke, people are pathetic.

The king of the Exos Kingdom did not allow this tragedy to continue and decided to sacrifice himself for the people in exchange for peace. The will is requested, but the king is gone forever from the cursed sword of the black dragon.

Jon, a treasure hunter, one day suddenly has the ability to talk to the ancient dragon Beatro. Thanks to this, he learned the secret history of the kingdom. He embarked on his journey to undo the curse of the Extraordinary Sword.

The game

In Exos Heroes, players experience adventure in a fairytale fantasy world. During the tour, a number of quests and secrets await players to discover.

Of course, there can't be a lack of dramatic battles in an action game. Exos Heroes strategic battles and use the Guardian Stone system to defeat enemies.

Through the airship system, players can explore the vast skies and fight. It doesn’t match in role-playing games. You can download the game and experience it.

Airships are not just a decorative model. It's like the huge machines of destruction or flying robots. Players become captains, control, and run their campaigns.


Exos Heroes has two modes: single-player and multiplayer.

In single-player mode you can select the difficulty level (levels 1 to 4) before starting the game. If you are new to it, I recommend this mode to gain experience, collect more cards and practice. When you're ready, you can pick up multiplayer mode to fight your friends and challenge other players around the world.


In addition to Koon, players can also recruit other warriors.

There are over 200 different characters in Exos Heroes for you. Each of them has different forms, skills, advantages, and disadvantages. All information on the map and index points are clearly indicated. Thanks to this feature, you can easily add cards to support each other in battle. The overall strength will increase significantly!

However, it is not available and not free. You must win to complete missions and be able to unlock them.

Some characters can be obtained in lucky spins, others must be bought with money. I love Chatty for her beautiful looks. She has good defensive skills and can play full defense at the same time, so the whole team can improve defensive skills. I often use the canopy in quick games to minimize the damage.


In addition to collecting characters to increase the fighting power in the team. Players can equip them to do more damage.

Tools can be obtained when you win a battle. If conditions allow, players can purchase high-quality content (experience sharing) and build the best weapon.


I was really blown away by the graphics of Exos Heroes, it was really great. Combat effects for characters and sound, perfect and appropriate for the game.

Download Exos Heroes for Android

Download Exos Heroes, Exos, set to find the legendary sword and save it from chaos. If you like this game please leave a comment at the bottom of the article.