World Zombie Contest MOD Apk dla Androida Darmowe pobieranie

Aplikacje , 2D , Offline , Arcade
1.0.48 dla Android
mar 15, 2019
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Mod Features:
Unlimited Coins/Candies
Wymagany Android:
Android 4.0.3, iOS 8.0
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Recently, I had a very interesting game has given you a lot of zombies. It seems that the zombie theme has always been about creating a unique product about a game publisher or source of endless inspiration. Today I want to bring the boys contest. Game is the latest game from the matrix. Surely you are no stranger to the publisher. Mobirix catapult Championship father. You can learn more about the game. Back to the main topic. Review of World Zombie Contest


In this game, you will engage in the battle between humans and zombies. An unknown virus has spread around the world, turn people into evil zombies. Hey, wait. Sorry, I just do the same joke. The world is not a zombie race. The game is completely different from the body of the new market game. In this game, you are to be transformed into rather alien zombies. Seemed alien creatures and zombies attack. Maybe this is the first time, so helpless zombies.

More than 900 levels

World Zombie is to manage an army of zombies competition player. There are many strange creatures blocking your path. Use your army, destroy all. The attack on the zombies in the game is a very special mechanism. In each level, they will only be able to attack in a certain number of times, and eaten, about the number of attacks by zombies monsters. So, each level you have to carefully calculate the body only needs enough damage to kill all the monsters. The world has won more than 900 levels of zombie competition. More monsters, strong, it is difficult to pass.

If you are over 50 are entitled to a variety of zombies. But they can also improve their power by improving the system of global zombie competition. You choose the maximum loss you must use a strong body. Play more than 70 different kinds of bosses, always ready to eat his body. The highest level in the difficult struggle to climb to reach the top position in the world rankings.

The game is very exciting. However, advertising is not only an inconvenience. If you do not like it, you can buy games to spend money on advertising packages. Did you see the ads? But sometimes see ads that also gives you some gold game.


8-bit format World Zombie Contest competitive graphics, easy. I played the game with a smaller configuration calls, the game is still intervals, no shocks, smooth running. Very cute zombies, fun, not intimidating like other zombies theme of the game. In addition, the voice of the world zombie experience the best of the competition is very exciting, you. In addition, the game supports eight different languages, so you just have to help friends interact with other players in the world.

They should play in a competitive world zombie?

In general, the competition to play the game World Zombie Contest. While not comparable with the other game, but the game is still the attraction that you might ignore. In addition, the game is completely free. You can download the Zombie competition on the following link: