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lip 01, 2020
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"Bing Bong" "Unfortunately, we announced that it delayed the train 23 minutes until 18:36." "Do you know? Well, one train ride, the next time you are still uncomfortable just sitting on the platform and about the train. Train Station 2 APK, you can control and return all items on track.

Summary of Train Station 2 APK

Name -  Train Station 2

Publisher - Pixel Federation

Genre - 3D, Simulation, Offline

Latest version - 1.17.2

Size - 93M

MOD Features - No.

Support - Android 5.0

Get over it

Station 2 Publisher Pixel Railway Empire Einigungs Games is a very interesting simulation. In this game you are the owner of the railway system, transporting goods and people for the entire city. A part of the game has also taken station one to download more than 10 million on Google Play with positive reviews. Pixel Federation Games publishing company with a passion for track and port-simulation games. Some of their games are worth a try if you love simulation games like seaport stations or train collectors. Excerpt


They have a short rail garage, but the system itself is focused on moving the engine itself quickly, increasing Reichsbahnhof much controversy, but not much to increase. Their homeland comes alive.

Coming back to the pinnacle of train success, you start the train with a few engines and gathering equipment and some basics such as distribution company are located. But that's just the beginning. If you dig deeper into the game, you will unlock more engines, new routes and world map trains in all directions and increase their effectiveness. The other contract was concluded, you develop more and more cars to unlock the infrastructure. Just like that, you have to get more jobs and more opportunities.

Development of the train empire

Station 2 he takes the engine to the time steam train. First, you need to start your empire in England. Assistance George Stephenson, engineer your train directly to the railway. If you do not know it was George who was called "railway" father. He says bringing along a variety of materials, going to work mines and mines at the train station. After that, the train station will give you railroad work and money to build jewelry and other resources for George Stephenson.

After switching to more trains and some new locations, you can choose many different job equipment such as the means of transporting passengers in city traffic, ... Inactive Gym Businessman Unlike inactive play, their state does not work. The operator sets up as many resources to collect your vehicles as possible. George Mission offers a lot of gold, materials, and keys. Do not lose.

The train will be dominated by your empire UK, you can extend the rail network to many countries such as USA, Germany, France, Canada, Russia, Netherlands, and Australia. Each country has different resources and landscape, you need to find the right investment. For example, the weather in Russia is very cold. Railways are often covered with snow, affecting every ride.

Unlock train

Searching for seats and leveling gives you a clue. Use it to buy more car keys. Go to the store, pick up the usual container, buy with 100 keys, you will get a train without any order of the game. Trains are divided into several types, including normal (regular), rare (rare). However, you can only unlock the rare trains gems.


I found the image of the station two-game was very fast impressed with 3D graphics, bright colors. Artwork is a factor making a large number of players win. However, to see the wide-angle animation style pictures up, the game still pays attention to such small details as water, ice, rattles, fish, flows ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Hardware Train Station 2 Have Drama Requirements?

  • The game supports Android 5.0 devices and above.
  • Memory Requirements: 100 MB.
  • Internet Requirements: Yes.

Train Station 2 Mod?

  • Currently, we have no MOD version of Train Station 2


You can also keep running epic missions and hard work trains. And you just have to expand your success in life and enjoy your world. Combining the impressive visuals of a game that balances ambition and strategy need, Station 2 is a constantly evolving journey. For the next stop, you go offline.