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cze 24, 2020
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If you want to connect with the gods of war? Do you want to be part of the myth? The new game divmob -" Yes "to your answer," Of course not if the heroes can ignore the infinite (MoD unlimited money).  "No", then it's a pity if you just missed a car chess RPG game it was very exciting. Come on, who now wants a hero to be involved in the battle of the gods!

Summary about Heroes Infinity MOD APK

Name - Heroes Infinity

Publisher - DIVMOB

Genre - 3D, Online, Strategy

Latest Version - 1.30.9L

Size  - 202MB

MOD Features - Unlimited Money

Platforms - Android 4.1

Get over it

Heroes Infinity divmob, a game of epic heroes in which there are some well-known games like war, Legend Summoners released. They often highlight interesting role-playing and action games. This is a classic game of publisher. Build a dive into a fantasy world, and begin your journey through many countries in a mighty army of legends.


Heroes proceed to endless gods, where people threaten modern weapons and machines, but always in a wonderful fantasy world of magical creatures with power. Create advanced war machines monsters to destroy your mission. Explore new areas each time you visit you will discover gods with many different energy sources to discover three invaluable in building a one-piece gods. With all the extraordinary power of both forces, the heroes bring many exciting games of endless promises. Let's see Intejar!

War between the gods

Battle Gods Heroes Infinity You are involved in the most dynamic and eye-catching in real-time combat. This is probably the most remarkable thing about this game. Each god with a certain energy source affects skills. And while the quest is active during countless heroes, you can add an optional powerful trilogy fund to various deities.

You can choose from several different units depending on the strategy. Especially if you have a strong team, which updates their strength to increase the magic frame, posts, and damage to their gods. There are gods, who together if it is rejected, will create unique power. In short, each game has the same strength or defeat strategy players win if it depends on two teams. A clever strategy called gods will always give you an advantage in battle.


In addition to battle with the heroes of strategy and skill is a very endless but very exciting game mode. The mode will not only diversify the gameplay and get bored, but it will help the process of gaming out those systems. For example, if you would like to help Stargate Team Stargate Mode learn from the beginning with a practice status check, you will magically stir new pieces to assemble new gods. Here is a very exciting game mode that you can not take out the eyes of the Heroes Infinity:

  • Adventure mode: It allows the experience to help and create the gods to beat the level of enemies.
  • Skyscraper challenge their veteran team fast with unlimited challenges with difficult levels.
  • For field experimentation and best team training.
  • Opportunities for you to find powerful mythical gods: Stargate.
  • The Boss Party Struggles with the legendary boss and the unique booty of benefit.
  • Super boss mode is very difficult when you are fighting super boss. But the bonus is very impressive.


One thing significant hero does not have high community connectivity for infinity. To make friends and form a party is now a dramatic 5v5 war with their allies facilitating the passing. To create a powerful team was rewarded personally.

Even the Heroes Infinity was high and developed after the PvP war between the players to improve their ranking on competitiveness and against the land system. Strong heels great rewards to the gods and fighters. Do you want to win fame?

Beautiful graphics

As I said, Heroes Infinity Excellent Graphics. 3D graphics, full HD resolution, beautiful lighting effects with colorful illustrations, battles are very magical between monuments and the mythical world. I believe the game's graphics will satisfy even the most demanding players.


In addition to constantly updated new features with many exciting features, Heroes Infinity players will never go away. Waiting? Please Download Heroes Infinity is now a dramatic battle with mighty gods.