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sie 24, 2020
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Stick Man is a well-known sign for us. In childhood, we often draw the characters in books or notebooks. With just a few strokes of the pen, we can easily create a warrior, a scientist or something interesting character.

The character also inspired styles to create a game with the publishers. ZITGA is Orangenose Studio Pte calls with their operate with an RPG game Stickman Legends I'm ping pong King (Game). But Videophone Series tower defense game called Cartoon Wars is also very striking. Cartoon Wars 3 position than many interesting features of the last two matches. Check down there!

The classic Tower Defense game

This right. Cartoon Wars -3 gameplay is based on the classic tower defense game standard. The horizontal screen and the enemy are in line with two towers against each other, and you definitely want to end the war only on the neighboring kingdom of the two kingdoms. Your mission is to push the warrior calling, enemy attack or to stop the attack.

Flash Tower Defense game is an important part. You do not need much left to do, because choose a warrior and fight your enemies. As a commander, you should use your power to find the most appropriate strategy to call on the best way to learn all sorts of warriors opponents at the right time. The season will end in the destruction of the tower, and believe me, you will definitely be.

Cartoon Wars 3 offers a variety of warriors. Warrior archers, zombies, and even a giant robot. Characters, choose from hundreds of skills and explore each character's performance.

New Position

  • Print: Fight with other players online. Game Graduation then you can get herbs and strengthen their military forces.
  • Win: Before you participate in to start the game, the selection of the seven most powerful warrior and battle other teams. When his mission, until your defense to constantly attack the enemy as possible.
  • Team Battle: You can not have a mind to fight mode. Players take part in a team of four men to create and collect valuable prize 4v4 match.
  • Call: is a completely new function. In this way you can offer established games, collecting warriors and allow them to be used to fight enemies. You may also be equipped with runes for warriors during the upgrade and offers before Game.

Fighting and Awards

In addition to these tools, 3 Cartoon Wars challenge but also the ability to fight it are more than 200 levels of increasing difficulty. Now the strategy is not enough. You are equipped with the level and the runes for the characters, so they need the power to fight against the enemy.

In addition, where the campaign mode "to get you forgot Warrior" experience points and many other attractive prizes. Some functions such as Bonus Spin and chest also gives you the opportunity to gain valuable items. Do not lose!

Simple graphics

With a stick man theme game, we can hardly expect a game with realistic graphics and high image quality. Cartoon Wars 3 graphics bus is designed to intersect with the diagonal lines, but very well done has improved over the last two parts. Please bring a pleasant feeling for the colorful players. In addition, the effects of the war are also impressive fighting and there are a few highlights.


After many years, Videotel tower, the player confirmed his name in a series of the mobile gaming market. The changes in gameplay with graphics, the game, which has never promised more success than the previous two Cartoon Wars 3 you ready to join the battle in defense of the state?