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Bijgewerkt op:
mei 11, 2020
App door:
Goblin Gamer Company
Mod Features:
Dumb Zombies
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The Project War Mobile is (Mod Menu, Unlimited Ammunition, Stupid Zombies), a third-person shooter game goblin gamers company has published its headquarters in the publishing house Hong Kong. New publisher in the mobile game market, PWM, is the first and only game since it has developed. That is, in this game you can download it for free and install it.

Summary about Project War Mobile MOD APK

Name - Project War Mobile

Publisher - Goblin Gamer Company

Genre - 3D, Offline, Shooter

Latest Version - 7.66

Size  - 88MB

MOD Features - Unlimited Ammo, Dumb Zombies

Platforms Android - 5.0

Get over it

I had some live shooting project targeting links to target the same background should be mobile as dead. The apocalypse scenario, when the zombie plague was shooting game with humankind facing. However, to bring PWM to the promise of mobile, most real battles, graphics and some improvements to the games. You can use the anti-zombie campaign feeling terrible by any shooting soldiers.


In 2018, biotechnology has made great strides. The chief medical scientist was the head of a research program on genetics, a company called Saint. It allows couples to "adapt" to their babies while still in the litter, ". Following the parents signed an agreement, without having to worry about the consequences. She asked the children, custom baby, caring for them and strictly safe the seventh sacred. In 2036, Delta Corp., a rival Seventh St., is stealing a gene-editing program and optimizing for adults or genes. Any doubts were brought to a terrible result for all humanity.

With volunteers including viruses, degenerative infections in human cells occur. In infected people, the body loses its confidence and turn (of the mail). They keep itching and other infections infected by the virus. Some people think it's a failed experiment, but others believe that Delta Corp has created this kind of monster. In 2038, Delta Corp. retains Seventh Sacred Rescue New Hong Kong custom child force destruction two years after the disaster.

Choose your character

When a Project War Mobile game, you will find custom baby fighters to save the zombies and innocent fighting forces. Before you begin, you can choose your character. The game features four characters, including Yuri, Alyssa, Sam, and Laura. Yuri and Sam are wonderful warriors with two strong warriors and girls Alyssa and Lara. You can choose your country and zombies, fight the characters.

Has change, project, clothing, mobile and hair, hats, shoes you can customize your character ... This is one of the features that we don't always see shooting games.


Project War Mobile gameplay is not significantly different from other shooters. You plunge into the desolate cities of guns and take zombies. They are very busy and aggressive, but you have a lot of advanced weapons and armor. In order to survive in a city full of zombies, you have to fight skills and good strategy.

In the game, you face mail. You have to think of it as a weapon of zombies, but bad abilities are like scum and humans. You have many advantages to do with any kind of mail with them, remember the kind of dust and damage.

Move the character on the screen to the left of the screen by the control system. The screen uses swapping weapons, grenades, buttons there because of the swift weapons, such firing is reloading fast. You can release the button to continue to accept the character's perspective.


Project War Mobile has a lot of surprises for the story mode. You will join the mail and discover that they were created, immersed in the fictional town of the Hong Kong war. Is there a cure for this disease? Just answer the question.

But they can also take part in the fight against zombies with other online players and friends online mode. Zombies become a master at climbing every position in the global rankings. In addition, the game will also appear in a future update of deathmatch mode (4v4) and some of those other tools.


Project War Mobile is a shooting game that brings you familiar weapons. If you can choose how to choose from different weapons, use high damage pistol guns, shotguns pistols, machine guns, etc. I recommend the AK-47. If you want, close face-up enemy, I think capturing a shotgun is a good option. Also, you can use your weapon and armor to be ready to put an upgrade on the face of zombies.

Why should we use Project War Mobile MOD?

In story mode, when you are in a difficult chapter, you are faced with a number of dirt and huge bosses in large quantities. Your weapon should be strong enough that you do not want to be defeated by Melanie. Project is a type of mobile (mod menu) unlimited ammunition they can not easily attack zombies. You can select the (APKMODY logo) menu and select what you want to Open MOD System to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install Project War Mobile MOD with OBB file?

1. The mobile mode for downloading our project is apk and obb file.

2. Version install play from Google (if any).

3. Remove the file and transmit it to the Android / OBB folder. If you do not have a folder, you can create one.

4. Open always install the mobile war mode apk file and present it.

5. Wait a few seconds, then open the game set game and enjoy it.

Why can't I see the APKMODY logo or the MOD menu?

They appear in the settings mandatory menu permissions -> Apps -> Project Wars Mobile -> Advanced -> App appears at the top.


If Project War Mobile is a game, I was really impressed with the game graphics. Things are accustomed to the new Unity 3D graphics that come thanks to the ultra-realistic and lively technology, as shown, perfect for smartphone devices. Maps and Simulations of True Hong Kong City Simulated. If you play this game, you get free Hong Kong to visit.


We suggest you play if you are projecting mobile for a new shooting game with a zombie background. The game is very impressive in terms of graphics, gameplay and weapons systems. We hope to install useful information on how you play with our products. Download the game from the link below this article.