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mrt 25, 2020
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Unlimited Diamonds
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Kingdom Adventures (MOD Unlimited Diamonds / Stamina) is a new simulation game developed by Caicos. The game mimics a rich kingdom in which monsters hide behind the fog. If you want to experience running a state, this is the game you are looking for. You will become the king of a civilized dynasty, your mission is to build and develop your kingdom.

Kairosoft is a very popular video game publisher based in Tokyo, Japan. They specialize in creating and developing mobile games with very attractive and attractive pixel graphics. Their titles are sold worldwide and well received by the gaming community. In addition, they produce and publish free games. Kingdom Adventurers is the latest free game they launched.


Kingdom Adventurers Owners has a very simple story. But that doesn't mean the game is boring. When you do sports, you will have many exciting missions and adventures instead of just sitting in one place and leading the state. But basically, you still need to create a prosperous state to protect the peace of your people.

Although the game is not very focused on the story, it is still very appealing to the players. Kingdom Adventurers people very carefully guide the developer through the gameplay. They specialize in producing extremely high-quality RPGs, especially in terms of gameplay. Not only that, the way the characters are made and the gameplay of each game is completely different. This game is similar. Before playing this game, I thought it was just a building and tower defense game, but the essence behind it would be to wait for interesting exploits.

The movement of the game is also very simple. On the screen, there are no buttons for moving characters, interactive buttons ... that touch your characters to control them.

Recruitment and training

Kingdom Adventurers takes you on an exciting adventure and makes it your only kingdom. You can recruit an adventurer to find and destroy the hidden monsters so that they will not be attacked when they leave the kingdom to exploit the resources. In addition, you can train the brave, give them weapons, ... so that they become stronger and destroy all the monsters. In addition, it will be your eye when you look for new resources outside the city walls.

Make your state

While this game offers quite interesting adventures, don't forget that the top priority is still about developing your state. You can easily build buildings, palaces, and shops ... and make your empire more prosperous and developed. Once you're done, you can update and redesign it to make it more modern and comfortable.

In addition, you can also set your state rules. It is interesting that the publisher gave the player. It helps make your experience more honest by playing the role of a king who rules the entire kingdom.


All Kikos games are made with Pixel graphics, Kingdom Adventurers is no exception. But it has a distinctive style of each of the games that makes it a popular game maker in Japan for ease of game design.

To complete

Kingdom Adventurers is a great game to try at least once. When you turn into a king to build your empire, you feel empowered by the game. However, the disadvantage of the game is that the data and game progress are not stored in the cloud. If you delete or restore the game, data will be lost.