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By 2017, the end of the game was a series of jumps for sale not only in the market, especially for general and mobile games, but it is also good for improving the game experience. Among them, the third person PUBG (battlefields Player Unknown) shooter game or similar mobile game, has won the hearts of many players as a noble mission (光荣 使命). So, you know what to do about this particular game is called noble mission? Let us interesting things you will learn below.


Glorious mission PUBG is developed based on the PC version, so players who love to discover the action genre, "kill" it would not be difficult to meet up with a lot of history. In a larger map (8 km x 8 km) to join with 99 other players, and all sorts of melee weapons (knives, sticks, too ...), fighting weapons (guns, AK47 machine guns AWM, Dragunov .. looked) has become the ultimate player card.

PUBG Magnificent mission as the mobile version, so that high concentration of realism players in all areas of the game will increase in every situation and weather conditions. However, a revised specification, Tencent game publishers player you can play games.

Game Play

In the beginning, do not know is the fact that for large missions that you focus on a transit station with a hundred strangers. Then, a predetermined location on the map. At this point, you must destroy the enemy as soon as possible to your engstenen weapons. Over time, the battlefield is gradually shrinking and forced to fight to the last to reach the highest level of the player.


The fact that most of the players at the beginning of the game, a small fortune survival strategy with the same starting point will help you to gain a unique position in every game. Glorious mission Strategy to move without much intelligence will help you remove your opponent gives you a highly customizable environment. "Guerrilla" bad "man attack" but also "accused" Implementation strategy ... everything to help you in this action title game.

Sound and Graphics

Tencent has as issued by all, as mentioned above requires PUBG. Roses close to bomb-guns, the car engine noise and it also has a very good track.

The graphics section has been thoroughly researched by Tencent, for weapons detailing, graphics products hole in the wall of the house, designed for a wide arsenal of shots. In addition, such as the weather (rain, sun, wind ...) and area (water, among the mountains, rock ...) are also considered elements players.

Personal sense

The advertising year 2017 was in November, but if there were more than 40 million consumers in China Game extraordinary fans. If you do not mind the extreme athlete winning a great mission seems to have mobile magnets. Not to mention the ease of use, but the graphics, sound, and gameplay I think will be the most successful and desirable products of the end of 2017.

Great mission phone is also a good place to put up with your pals so that you can play with your friends.

The advantages and disadvantages

There is no real mobile game in real time I could enjoy the great mission of fun, I will start to play early.


Amaze worry, be happy with a mastermind has the right to bring an action mystery game in your psychology.

The sound is top-notch mobile graphics great mission, you will not be disappointed.


Smartphone configuration higher average efficiency, greater battery consumption.

China as the server, the connection is quite difficult.

Currently, the great mission is for both mobile android and iOS platforms, you can download it via the App Store or the app directly from the link below to download the grand mission.