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Caller, where the blackout rule. Devil and darkness often hide this place. This is not a place to enter the people who are brave enough, but very few people can come back to the legendary hero Keller. When it comes to the basement, maybe you A role-playing game in which you can fight against the monsters in a brave knight and transform thoughts about how to preserve peace in the kingdom. Basement TV (MOD Unlimited Money) is to completely undo their experiences.

Summary about Dungeon Maker MOD APK

Name - Dungeon Maker

Publisher - GameCoaster

Genre - 2D, Offline, Strategy

Latest Version - 1.9.77

Size -  93MB

MOD Features - Unlimited Money

Platforms - Android 4.1

Get over it

There are many role-playing and strategy games that often involve you with knights in basements and defeat monsters. But have you ever tried to be with the dark side and think that the devil is in defense of their homeland? Dungeon Maker Now, game coaster game publisher very a unique strategy. In this game, you can get the strategy and protection of the knight from the attacks of the devil owner's collar.


Dungeon maker on the devil's life. The Dark Lord is the ruler of all demons and demons in the basement. They live a quiet life without affecting humans. However, human warriors often broke the peace caller. They never stopped until they defeated the Dark Lord. Although they were willing to come to fight a war the Dark Lord did not want to gather the army and the stupid horse who would die.


Dungeon Maker gameplay is made up of several factors. Your job as a turn-based strategy game war with a tower defense combined game, repel the attacks of knights to repel every turn of monsters. The Dark Lord is the heart of the caller. If you beat it, it'll completely fall out of the collar. In this game, the Dark God is not terrifying monsters or dragons, but cute girl. Dark God can fight, but if you run out of energy, he can be defeated. So you need to find the right strategy to protect them.

The map consists of 12 (3 × 4) sections of three vertical rows. As plants vs zombies, the heroes fight to follow a vertical line dark god. You must properly install the trap and command the monsters to prevent them. Choose monsters, traps, and how they all do it on the spot will depend on your strategy. To help create leadership or win every game, you have to find the right strategy after each defeat. Currently, the game has two modes, including Normal mode and Total War.

Unlock Monster Dark God and

In the first few levels, you can easily find everything. However, to get higher levels, your enemies are stronger and more powerful. He's also a smart strategy to break your defense. In addition to a good strategy, you should increase your monster stats to increase the entire team. The two monsters match to form one of the strongest monsters.

Of course. Every player is happy to play the dungeon maker to unlock the Dark Lord and the monsters. You can go to unlock the monsters and collect their eggs. Elizabeth, Lilith, Rebekah, Gate Emma, ​​etc. The Dark Lord You can choose Elizabeth including a vampire. He has the ability to slow down and attack enemies through his abilities. Lilith has the ability to engage enemies and fight them against each other. Depending on your strategy, you can choose a suitable dark lord.


One of the best strategy games on Google Play, but the caller manufacturer's choice is only 2D graphics of the classic pixel style. The game is designed like a chessboard. It gives you the feeling of being away from home for a long time, how to play old console games. Graphics and pictures are certainly not the most important comparison of sports game strategy today, but it is also unique and addictive.


Dungeon Maker gives you a new perspective on dungeons and monsters. You know, people who pretend to be villain basement knights to play protection. If you want to experience new and unique, this game you can miss.

It sells for $ 2.99 a game. It's not a great price for one of the best strategy games and App Store on Google Play. However, if you have difficulty filling in with Visa, download this article through the link at the following link. We are Anchor Caller Manufacturer APK and MOD Caller Manufacturer. A few basic steps, you can download and install completely free.