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sep 23, 2020
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Unlimited Grenades
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Mini Militia Doodle Army 2  (MoD Pro Pack) is a classic shooting game developed by Space. The game is based on a simple 2D graphics idea was inspired, in Rambo bike old games. However, the gameplay is very modern and the maximum difficulty you rethink the player's fun to push, so that "tells you what the hell?"


First, I'll talk about the control system. If you control the first character, then you would think it was all quite different from what you think. Game Dual control system, you kill characters, and under the control of the enemy and shoot up that way. Although much like the character slowly moves its balloon compared to its expectations, then you will find it more difficult to control than the computer version of the game. But do not worry, after a few games, you'll get used to it. Militia doodle minibus for about ten minutes of playing time - army 2, after being handed a lot of stress.

Kill all the enemies

Mini Militia Doodle Army 2   - it is very easy to kill all the enemies to win Doodle Army 2. If you must stop the evil plan of the order is "stupid" in a little awkward to save the world. He is an experienced player and will be able to, but you have to work with their colleagues. Match facts together with the players' peers, has a high success rate.

This game allows you to join the team with online players or you can have fun to play your friends on lane 6v6 battles. If you play with your friends, it's a fight to make the most fun. Believe me! The game "down" is enough to make your friends.

Training, cooperation, and Survival: You can choose from three main modes.

Weapons and character system

To unlock or irregular warfare there, get on the map in many different weapons. They have to fly machine guns, sniper rifles, and you can update it to make it stronger.

You can even decorate your character to escape with a variety of costumes. A ninja flying through the sky with a flamethrower, do you like it?

Graphics and sound

I have a series of 10-year-old graphics, which means it is quite old and classic game feel graphics. To a certain degree, you can feel that the game is made of very interesting things, such as war, guns, bombs and other effects and traps that are not beautiful, but not bad to go around either. The most attractive features of the game. I really like the sound the game makes the game even more fun and humor.


It can be said that Mini Militia Doodle Army 2   is fun mobile shooter games on the second, excellent graphics, impressive sound of gameplay, what I want to say about this game. This game is for Android and iOS, and you can download it via the link below.