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Dark Sword 2 (MOD Unlimited Money) is the second part of the Dark Swords game series developed by Nano Company. It's a very responsive action RPG with beautiful graphics.

The first half of the game received many awards from players. For this reason, the developer has developed Part 2 with significant improvements in graphics and gameplay compared to its predecessor. If the play in the first part is characteristic of antiquity, the second part introduces the era of modernity and technology. Learn more about the second part of this interesting roleplaying game.


Generally, the game's plot has similarities, meaning that it contains elements of science fiction. The plot of Dark Sword 2, however, plays an age of technology in the futuristic world. At that time, humanity has made significant progress in harnessing technology to take technology to a new level. At the same time, it brings many consequences and disadvantages to humanity. Man-serving machines were attacked by Azi Dahaka to destroy people. A group of cyborg girls rage against the Azi Dahaka empire and save humanity.

Dark Sword 2 has annoying RPG action gameplay. Like the Stickman League, you play a side-scrolling style (horizontal movement) with a straightforward view. Control of the game is also very simple, a virtual joystick on the left to move the character and the button on the right, attack, skill, ...

Skill system

Dark Sword 2 has a very diverse and rich skill system. In addition, the methods of character and equipment are very varied. Each character uses a different power and weapon. In particular, you can even create your own weapons for favorite characters. By collecting all the materials you need, you can create any type of weapon to suit your liking.

Each character has many abilities. If you use your skills, you will achieve beautiful effects. But don't worry, the phones are not very clear but they can be run without any problems. Because the developer has optimized for Max, you can use the phone with no accidental game problems, very weak, jerky frames, ...


Compared to the first part, Dark Sword 2 content is greatly expanded. The publisher broke the story and did not add every step to make it a long and boring player in the game, as it moves so fast. The game contains over 100 different missions, ranging from easy to difficult orders. Therefore, you should strengthen it to easily complete your character. Fatima System helps you improve AI, devices, skills ...

In addition, Dark Sword 2 has an interesting and exciting Co-mode mode. They will not fight alone but will have to support allies. You control a heroine on a mission with 2 other players. Therefore, a mission is undertaken by three people. It will make you more excited when teammates go shoulder to shoulder in difficult tasks.


Dark Sword 2 has beautiful 3D graphics. Dark Sword Science . It plays into science fiction and returns with high-quality graphics and more brilliance. The heroine shadow is designed to look like a fighting game, in which the characters appear as shadows on the smartphone's horizontal screen. Not only that, but the sound is also very lively and true.


For me, Dark Sword 2 is a really great game. The special story, combined with the scientific elements of the role, creates something new for the role-playing game. If you haven't already, download this awesome game right on your phone. Join and play the heroine role and save the world from the dark. The fate of the earth is in your hands.