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okt 14, 2020
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Tiny Roar
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Bomb Bots Arena APK is a unique successor of the classic Bomberman games. Download and install this game for free on APKMODY.

Overview information

NameBomb Bots Arena
PublisherTiny Roar
Version0.5.61 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 6.0

Introduce about Bomb Bots Arena

Bomb Bots Arena is an arcade game that I introduced earlier with the likeness of Bomber Friends. You will experience bomb battles in a labyrinth full of enemies and other dangers. Can you survive the last and get the award?

The game

Overall, Bomb Bots Arena is easy to get gameplay if you've ever experienced Bomber Friends. When you take part in a game, you and other players will be brought into the field, including a central vortex such as obstacles, bombs, X, mazes, and some special elements.

When you step into a vortex, you automatically move somewhere. This element is brand new and gives players the opportunity to develop more strategies. I once put my enemy in a corner and then threw a bomb on this spiral. As a result, the bomb exploded and he died.

In the end, you must destroy all opponents to survive and it will be the only one who wins the prize. To do this, you need to have good control skills to achieve the goal and rely on the elements available on the map. Bomb bucks cause massive explosions, while the energy raja thing helps it move faster.

The main attraction of Bomb Bots Arena is that the characters can use skills. This has never been seen in a Bomberman clone game.


The only character in the Bomb Bots Arena is a robot. When this robot is unable to upgrade or incorporate additional weapons into the body, it can switch parts and adjust the skin.

Yes, you can check it out in the store. There are all kinds of legs, arms, hats, body, and head. You can change the thinner or larger parts as you wish.

However, if you enter the battle with wide viewing angles and scaled characters, you won't see much difference from them. If you want to make a difference you can buy special skins like X-O, Big B, Bomb Blob, and Founder Pack.

And that’s not all. Seasonal events are regularly held at the Bomb Bots Arena. You can register and complete targets to get special parts for the robot.


Compared to Bomber Friends, Bomb Bots Arena comes in four modes, including Brawl, Rumble, Custom, and Royal.

In particular, Brawl corresponds to 4, the default mode for newbies. If you are new to arcade games like Bomb Bots Arena, this is the one to choose from. Why is that Due to the small number of players, the gameplay is not very complicated and you do not have to face any fierce opponents. Meanwhile, the arena is also simple and built with a few obstacles.

Rumble has a similar method of action, but it fits 8 battles, more players, more complex and wider field. Experienced players are not required in this mode. Here, however, the players decide to win the Bomber King throne.

Next is the custom mode. The name is correct. Here you can edit the number of people involved in the fight, the map, the number of rounds, the time of each round, the weapons, or the skills to use or not. In general, you can create your own rules in custom mode. In this mode, you can create a room and invite your friends to join the battle through the tag room.

And finally, Royal mode. The developer integrated it into the game but did not disclose any information! Hopefully, this mode will bring a surprise in the upcoming updates.


First, in terms of perspective, the Bomb Bots Arena has only an up-and-down perspective. This means that you can cover all the maps, obstacles, and tricks of the opponent.

As I just said, isn’t Bomber much different from Friends? But now it is! Based on 2D graphics, Bomb Bats sets the scene in Arena Arena, where thousands of spectators watch instead of water-filled outdoor stadiums. Also, the characters no longer have human bodies but are replaced by powerful robots.

Overall, Bomb Bots Arena has very good graphics and detail. Characters have many actions and emotions. Besides, the music is also very exciting.

How to install Bomb Bots Arena APK

Bomb Bots Arena is an APK file format that you can easily install from any SAI application.

The APKMODY installer is an option we would like to suggest to you.

Download Bomb Bots Arena APK for Android

Take part in the fierce battle in the area of ​​Bomb Bots Arena and now win the throne of Bomber King! Download the game from the link below