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Bitch Lite APK 1.0 Download voor Android

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Bitch Lite
1.0 voor Android
Bijgewerkt op:
sep 25, 2023
206 MB
Vereist Android:
9.0 and up
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Bitch Life APK 2023 is a fun game for adults 18+ now available on a wide variety of devices. Immerse yourself in an exciting world full of adventures, exciting stories, epic battles, and real-life school experiences. This game allows players to control their character, giving them the ability to make crucial decisions and orders.

The main objective is to increase your level by completing missions to unlock premium heroes, pets, homes and vehicles without spending diamonds or coins. You can change the hair color and position without fear of errors in the application, as well as customize the appearance of your character.

About Bitch Lite APK

Bitch Life is a simulation game where you will play a high school student, who must perform multiple tasks to get through the school year. Adventures and strategies will immerse you in a student school.


To advance in this game, you must complete missions and tasks. Like any student, you must prepare for the exams and in order to do so you must seek out missions you can use to help you pass. It won't be easy, so you must complete each mission carefully.

Students live together

You will spend most of your time at high school, so you will have to share with your classmates and classmates will have to meet you and be friends in a short amount of time, which is good for your level in school.

Achieve all the exams

In order to pass the year, you must understand the importance of passing all the courses, and that's why you must study hard and solve riddles and puzzles to enable you to reach the answer to each test and pass with flying colors.

Make your room your own

There are a lot of things to remember during high school, so updating your room from time to time is essential. You can decorate according to your preferences, and personalize your room in different ways.

Features highlighted

The most interesting part of the game is its simplicity, as for the interface, it is absolutely what you would expect from a casual game. Everything is really addictive, so get ready to succeed and be the best.

Features of Bitch Life APK

  • There are exciting adventures and immersive plots in this game.
  • You will be challenged to use your strategic skills in epic battles.
  • A virtual world experience that will immerse you in school life.
  • Taking control of your character and making crucial decisions.
  • Get premium heroes, pets, homes, and vehicles.
  • Make your character stand out with hair options.

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