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3 25, 2020
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We often grow up with animated films and figures like Tom, Jerry, Ben, Gwen, Mufasa Simba. These characters come from our childhood, they make our childhood you happy and excited. More than just an animated movie, there are boys and Girls who have stories and other perspectives on life. Very positive cartoon people have nice dreams after watching. For Pocket Mortys (MoD Infinite Coupons / Schmeckles), Adults Publish Packaging Swimming game very interesting simulation game: Love, accept the game from the famous cartoon, you can try Rick and Morty.

Summary about Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys MOD APK

Name - Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys

Publisher - [adult swim] games

Genre - 3D, Simulation, Offline

Latest version - 2.12.1

Size- 94M

MOD Features - Infinite Coupons / Schmeckles

Support - Android 4.1

Get over it

However, to avoid misunderstanding, I do not think that cartoon ordinary children should not pay Rick's attention to Morty. Cartoon Network This cartoon night series for adults (must be 18 years or older). It's violent content with a lot of rude lines. The film, directed by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, about the contents of two ships, mad scientists Rick Sanchez and the dull nephew Morty Smith. According to statistics, Rick and Morty have the highest murder rate, both set on the throne and going right to play.


Rick Sanchez is a talented mad scientist. He said he was hidden from things like school, marriage and the ordinary person, a family. Rick, a drunken love violence and universe research. He spends most of his time adventure with Morty, Rick's 14-year-old nephew.

One day out of a mysterious Rick Portal. He kidnapped Morty and disappeared. The universe is moving upside down. The set of Ricks and Mortys will see multiple versions of the multi-universe. Ricks Council said the new trend of the universe with Mortys for storage and fighting. In order to save his grandson, Rick, Mortys Collect Defeat the other Universe Ricks and the Universe must be restored.


In terms of gameplay, Rick, and Morty: Pocket Mortys is a simulation game that allows you to create an army of characters from the famous cartoon. The two ships, including Rick's visit and the Galaxy search for Mortys Morty, collect them and other players in defeat.

Excellent Pokemon game inventory Mortys collect and repair pockets like Mortys. You can create a team of Mortys and must participate in the adventure through the galaxy. Each Morty has different strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the strategy, you can choose the right Mortys. In addition, each Morty can use a special ability game.

Play with your friends

The game will be boring if you play it alone. Rick and Morty in Online mode: Pocket Mortys You can play PvP games with your friends.

Giant Head

In addition to fighting the Ricks of the multi-universe, there are numerous huge monsters standing by you. They are large in size and performance front, so if you want to defeat them, you should exercise your Mortys right. After defeating the boss, you get a lot for unlocked card devices and his Mortys will be updated.


While Rick and Morty Game: Pocket Mortys, this is the way Cronen Morty has the opportunity, Morty, a car and more Morty Morty unique edition cucumbers. Adventure, this summer, you will meet some familiar characters such as Beth, Jerry Smith Squanchy series Rick and Morty Donna. If you are a fan of this series, it's a game you can not miss.


Design by Rick and Morty: Pocket Morty's original cartoon is not much different. As you move, the characters are embossed in a simple quick style. Publisher reserves familiar conversation eligible voices and Rick and Morty. I like how the way they enjoyed Rick and Morty made some versions. He has an excellent version, like a snowman, aliens, witch-watching witches, forehead ...


Rick and Morty: The perfect strategy simulation for Pocket Mortys game, fans of the animated series of the same name. In this game, you can download and play completely free. If you are worried that the animation cannot be viewed, it does not matter. You can use the content to play and understand the game. Upload some free time, Netflix and enjoy the adventures of his grandchildren Rick and Morty.