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3 27, 2020
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At the beginning of 2015, Miami created a small model of market games mobile released at Miami Crime Simulator (Mod Unlimited Money). The game is a simple, fun gameplay that allows GTA, and lets you stay free to download. , MCS is the right choice.

About Miami Crime Simulator Mod apk summary

Name - Miami Crime Simulator

Publisher - Naxeex

Genre - 3D, Action, Offline

Latest version - 2.1

Size - 99M

MOD feature - Unlimited Money 

Support - Android 4.0

Get over it

Be the boss of the city

Inspired by Miami City at a time when crime sales were rampant and illicit drugs were commonplace. As you play with the basic functions of commands a man is a master of a favorite: jogging used to operate a weapon, buy bullets. You are free to collect weapons in Miami, search for weapons, steal a nice car, or blow up the entire city.

If you are a gangster, and their job is not good, then the police intervention, if they are not ready to respond, they will be careful. But I would suggest, because the game is once desired, and if it is located on a dangerous level, the whole tank of the police to kill you over. If you die, then you definitely lose, $ 2,000 all needs right?


Living in a crime world, then that means you should know how weapons friendly. Fortunately, the simulator Miami crime offers us knives, scissors, baseball bats, stick-shaped hikes ... Such a large amount of AK rifle, M4, shotguns, RPG, laser with a bazooka. Hot stuff, such as integrity, so you can use it and the like to adapt it to your situation. Complete them properly or use them to blow everything up. Prove to everyone that you are a true terrorist.

One thing that I really bring about such weapons away. Although the game is free, the graphics are still decorated. For me, the most beautiful impact explosion effects rocket. The chaotic conditions of the fire color and black smoke grow even more realistic.

It's very good, but the explosive weapon has a double-edged sword edge, and no matter how much you stun directly. Then use the game "" Rocket Go "or shoot the tank in the face not to be fooled!

Finally, you believe the power laser gun online weapon in case of strong or stable operation. You can test to perform Desert Eagle or RPG major damage tests ... but looking at DPS (guns with damage per second injury - larger and higher accuracy - time) is considered to select the line of laser. However, they lack the ability to deliver with widespread damage but the specific target is strong too.


My favorite things about playing the action game are the beautiful car walks with brilliant performance, and Miami didn't betray me. To choose from a variety of tanks such as family cars, taxis, race cars, monster trucks, and vehicles, helicopters are something I really like. Consider the category GTA If you still find cheats or tanks to use, Miami, you will be running for money (and the next time they appear in their garage) with a tank.

Speaking of planes, unfortunately only Miami gives us control helicopters, but the point of sale for Miami is that the control of the helicopter will be much easier. San Andreas and the GTA: They fight the GTA, especially say GTA Vice City, you need to control the flight of a group of keys. To view Miami, just 5 buttons and 3 buttons and 2 trigger buttons. Spin key plane navigation and direction you want the other two buttons you have to push your wings or helicopter tilt to the ground.

Although only a helicopter, you can move and operate, but I seem to focus it because the game player's case provides an automatic object system (auto goal) on aircraft worth control. And choose the fringe. The firepower of the helicopter is very powerful and there is no limit (unlimited ammunition) to blow the tank in seconds. Generally, my car is not a criticism.


This Miami crime simulator may not be called the biggest drawback, but the investment in the design and graphics of the NPC system will not pay much attention to game makers. In the city "is like dropping a pagoda." It makes it beautiful, they are 5 stars, even if the police just wanted to alert and "leave" something so send a tank.

The character lines are also very limited. In addition to the police sound listening back call tone NPCs and you don't make the game very boring lines. Leave an impression on the hard player.


Other minus output for my game. Generally, the variety and variety of quantities are purchased for you from cheap goods. But the more advanced and realistic items (railgun, laser guns, tanks, helicopters), completely by (refill) GEM have given them property. I think game makers should create more opportunities to solve early than previous players.


The most annoying thing about people using their phones. No matter that the game download site, Simulator Miami Crime should still be able or not, regardless of the advertisement to continue advertising. This player has experienced extremely severe disturbances. To remove ads, then you do not just need to spend money. In fact, I am very unhappy and reserved.


Miami Crime Simulator is a good adventure, Naxeex research game. There are many similarities to the GTA and the download is completely free. Easy control and positive plus points to the game home supply store. The downside is that the game has not changed the NPCs, the mission system. Shop players suck blood enough to pay you powerful things or eliminate them quite large due to our own promotional lack.