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3 19, 2020
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Passive-run games and businesses need to develop, but can you ever passive sports or do you hear it in a way made in the human body? And what is it that you need to know? Out of the human body? Idle Human (Mod always diamond) game. But if you are a doctor or do not have much scientific knowledge of anatomy, you will become a human body, which is a small level cell. V can.

Summary about Idle Human MOD APK

Name - Idle Human

Publisher - Green Panda Games

Genre - 3D, Simulation, Offline

Latest version - 1.5.1

Size - 138MB

MOD Feature - Unlimited Diamond 

Support - Android 4.1

Get over it

With a very new and unique theme, the publisher Green Panda Games attracts millions of players after a few weeks of fast start to useless games. They are very interesting gameplay specializing in the production of passive play with the publisher. Bee Factory Game I am the author of this article Green Panda. Inactive in humans, you will learn how to build the human body, the circulatory system of the bone, the respiratory system, the nervous system, the gastrointestinal tract. Now that you don't take your time, get some information about the game.

Take lots of cells

If you are a passive gym giants passive in a gym human, you have a research role and a Ph.D. on the entire human body. Normal silly game They are all easy gameplay players, easy to use and help the city master the game. This game is no exception.

In the game, you have to complete the list of what the body needs and the idea is to make your work as many cell parts, such as bones, circulatory systems. In fact, there is a mandatory procedure at all. Before you have a lung, the skeleton does not matter. No matter what role you are before, the ultimate goal of creating a perfect human body is.

Complete an on-screen list of human bodies. The number of cells is shown above. It is constantly increasing in seconds. You can touch the cell icon right away and make more cells.

Full of Full body

At the bottom of the screen, the human body, which is able to re-do a list of the inactive ingredients. The game has four parts, bones, organs, control center, muscle and skin of the human body. Unlock sections you end up in a few other parts. For example, the brain will automatically unlock when the 1000's run in 2500 and update their hearts to the liver.

Cells are constantly, even when you sleep. The same goes for this game true. Since Inactive Man is a passive game, the number of cells is automatically generated when you are offline. After sleep, you will receive a large amount of cells to repair the human body parts. You can also increase the number of closed cells in the upgrade section.


This game is for those who really want to become a doctor's dream. Direct 3D graphics, real human simulation gives you clear vision in the human body. You can see people from different angles, organs, bones, organs.

Many interesting knowledge about the human body

"Charles Osborne, a man named Nonstop, hiccups for 68 years." "The teeth themselves are just part of the human body that is not able to heal." "Skulls composed of 29 different types of bones in humans." When are some tips to play this game? In fact, no. Here is some information about the "human body" that "you may not know" or the human player. This information is shown in the number of cells, and it changes after a few seconds. Do you have information like the best? Share the comments below the article!

Many different body types

To complete a man's body, you can do it in some other places, like in the body of a woman, unlock zombies, aliens. Although we do not know a foreign anatomy, but still after the game information such as the heart, human essential parts such as liver, lungs, bone ..., they see something Aliens-green with often graceful appearance.

What is the mod of cookies man?

If you have billions of cells, you wait a long time, need to update and click many times. Diamond Game Premium currency. Diamonds help you buy cells immediately. During our application to humans, our inactive, you have for infinite amount of diamonds. Choose the 50T cell pack for the fastest and highest number of 2000 diamonds in the cells.


More than just a game, the passive kind of human biology class where you can learn a lot of useful knowledge about the human body and its associated information. The human body builds, but the book's knowledge is also like boring, dry and time-consuming and trying to see the human body completely in this game. It's pretty damn annoying.