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4 21, 2020
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Bless Mobile APK is one of the most anticipated MMORPG games this year and is now available for Android. Before you download this game to your phone, let's take a look at what this game is!

Introduction to Bless Mobile


Bless Mobile creates a story in a fantasy world where two forces are fighting for supremacy. People have been threatened with extinction because of the war. Meanwhile, demons continue to grow and kill innocent people.

In this moment of darkness, a hero was born with the destiny to unite the world. He is you, the warrior of the kingdom.

Open world adventure

MMORPG is known for its variety of styles. You can play through the history of this game. NPCs are intelligently set up to display and assign tasks to players. It's very interesting. I have discovered many new countries in this fantasy world, from thick old forests to plains and dark dungeons.

My feelings also change. Sometimes this mission takes me to many monster areas, including the boss. The character is badly injured, many recovery items must be used to save lives. But when I went through, the experience points and awards I got were worth the effort. They help to improve the character, while some materials can be used to repair and refine high-quality devices.

However, the most popular Bless Mobile game in Korea is not so simple and dry. It has not only a stream of the story but also a huge global player network. Real-time players can fight with each other, participate in events, or play alone in 1v1 battles. Think the game is not easy, it's a small world!

Guild Features

In every MMORPG, it is worth looking forward to the functions of the guild. When you join the guild, you can make friends with real players, then Bless Mobile is so much fun. Players can trade items, strengthen each other, and participate in normal activities.

Masonry is the biggest phenomenon of Bless Mobile. There the guilds compete against each other and improve their position in the rankings. At the end of each season, 7 strong guilds will catch 7 respective strong. Of course, this was not an easy competition, it was a long process in which everyone had to unite with a war plan. In addition, a connection will be made each week to take possession of the grass. If your team is not strong enough, you will be put down.

These activities are great fun. You have to put in a lot of effort, but you also get a very valuable price! This attraction makes it hard for you to refuse!


The characters are also very shocking. He has a very attractive presence with the Kaya warrior who saves the world. In the description, you can customize your character with any specific part from the face, body, costumes to hair.

All of this is part of the problem I want to mention. The developer discovered that there are 9 classes corresponding to 9 powers. Each class presents a race with its strengths and weaknesses. If you take a broader view, you will see that developing a class of characters in the future will not be the same and will later affect the strategy.


Bless Mobile on the predecessor Bless online on the mobile PC platform. However, it has been announced that features and content will be changed and updated, not including upgrades. You can improve the effectiveness of skills and increase tools and weapons for better statistics. This is a feature you may not find in MMORPG. Since the difficulty there is solved by large-scale battles, the weak are defeated. Don't forget to submit the gold and necessary materials for this process!


Graphic platforms with unrealistic engine 3 technology have become popular nowadays. There is a reality in creating real-life scenes. Bless Mobile has an early trailer. You will soon see the commerce that JOYCITY Corp brings in every picture, even every small movement.

As you go deeper into the game, there is a rigorous sequence of action with lighting effects and magic to create a perfect movie. You and I are captured by fast players involved.


In this article, you will have seen what Bless Mobile can do for you. I’ve been immersed in this game for a long time and haven’t gotten bored yet. I also just entered a guild war, so I think the article should stop here. If you have something to share with everyone, leave it in the comments!