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2 05, 2020
Mod Features:
Unlimited Money
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Besides Dota, the game of legends Mob League has a great influence in modern times. This attracts a large number of players and the number is increasing every day. What an impressive number for e-games. A lot of interesting things about legends, champions, battles, and devices.

Summary about Ez Mirror Match 2 MOD APK

Name  - Ez Mirror Match 2

Publisher - Bullinzadu

Genre - 2D, Arcade, Online

Latest Version - 4.3

Size - 77MB

MOD Features - Unlimited Money

Platforms - Android 4.4

Get over it

It should be added to the Ez Mirror Match 2 official game to raccoon games. It will create a fan and a fun mobile game just for league fans of legends game. She was very impressive. It's a whole different ball game, but when you first play, then open a copy of the League of Legends. And this game will help millions of players in the world to win only the first factor.


You know, regularly follow the stream of famous players such as Racquet, Khan, Caps, Yasuo, you probably already have a very interesting game that will make players. You and another player, you create a custom game (Crack Summoner), both select Dr. Mundo. Everyone owns a pink station and went straight to the Baron Cave. Such as a tennis and pink station in the middle of a clean place. And then throw a knife at the opposing face with both Q skills to have one of them beat. It uses skills to be very fun game direction players and avoidability training.

Perhaps a two-up game runs the Ez Mirror Match 2. The only thing you can do is to use a lot of different generals instead of Dr. Mundo. Use the rival river to guide the skill goal attack. In the middle of the river, then take the scuttler forever. Your abilities may be to block or some of your opponents. You can avoid the capabilities of some competitors using the scuttler crack. Finally, if you defeat an opponent, you will be the winner.

Control is pretty easy. You just need to move left or right to control your hero. Talk to the arrow keys, you want to choose the skill of the hero. Skills, such as the League of Legends simulations for a combo, are simulated. Mystic Shot Damage River and Q:: Ezeal Because of the increase required, you can additionally add W if you use obstacles and to cure some spells like Flash.


Currently, two modes of play, including a simple mirror game, are playing two artificial against online players. In my opinion, if you can use a new player, game controllers, choose to go to a few games with AI. It's not hard to do, but you need to get it skillfully in a few games.

League online mode includes games like Legends. Then to win a few games, you are encouraged. Rankings are distributed under the old system with the number of competitors. Even if you think you are a league loss in the game of legends, try Ez Mirror Match 2 in addition, the game allows you to create a room with friends. You can invite your friends and goal skills to try to play in this direction.

Gather your champion

While the mirrors will use the Ez Mirror Match 2 game, your players have been familiar with the Champions, the year for the League of Legends. You play Yassou, Ezeal, Xayah, Teemo, Leblanc Ahri, Orianna, Jade and more. New supporters will be updated weekly, so you get the most exciting experiences. Don't miss out!

Update items

Only 2 remains special EZ levels as the game leagues before the system legends. Of course, you remember how to combine Statikk Shiva's Bloodthirster, Guinsoo Rageblade and various other objects in front. Before updating to learn the same league of legends, and you need to build as another master. The best thing you buy, upgrade them with a blue abstract. There are many ways and can get more items. The easiest way is to buy a Hextech box or mythological box.

Of course, it's not a game MOBA. Therefore, with a higher level of products, you will have many advantages over a competing player. So the most powerful tool is all the opponents need to open the game balance is no guarantee of staying paid. Therefore, for the publisher, which should be a good development of champion matches at every item level.


Ez Mirror Match 2 has relatively good 2D graphics. It's not as realistic as the original game version, but it's enough to make you feel happy. Typically, the home is the interface and the Legends only appear on the League game interface. Overall, the graphics, I think this game rate 8.10.


League of Legends is a very exciting game. I have been playing for Season 3 and 6, I have many interesting things to find in the game. However, each league of game legends takes quite some time (about 30 to 40 minutes). We don't have much free time because it is a major drawback for many players. So, EZ Mirror Match 2 is a good choice if you are free. Each game only takes about 1 minute, but in the 1v1 game, you need a lot of skills if you want to defeat the enemy. I think you can train with the first league game legends: The Wilder plan will be officially released.