DOOM Apk for Android無料ダウンロード

6 03, 2020
Bethesda Softworks
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On the 25th anniversary of the founding of the company, Bethesda Softworks has decided to release the latest official version of Doom APK for Android devices. The first-person shooter game is good news for 90 fans and players. For this reason, Doom time was very popular. Releasing the first version of the software, this game is very quickly becoming a storm in the game market. Much experience in the fierce battle.

Summary about DOOM APK

Name - DOOM

Publisher - Bethesda Softworks

Genre - 3D, Offline, Shooter

Latest Version - 1.0.5

Size - 37MB

MOD Features - No

Platforms - Android 8.0

Get over it

Of course, the game was the foundation of the first-person shooter game set in the future and is now considered one of the best games of all time. The success of last year's edition, following the ID software, released, the Sega 32X, Atari version of Jaguar and Mac OS. The Game Boy Advance version was released for sale on 360, 2001, 2006, and iOS versions were released at that time in 2009, Doom is on Google Play and $ 3.99. You can download the game for free and install it by downloading our APK file at the bottom of this article. But first I would like to get some information about the Doom version of Android.


If you are a fan of DC Comics, the need is clear. Superman Enemy - Doom is a totally free first-person shooter game that has nothing to do with the Holocaust day. The game is eye-catching action scenes, motion games and 3D graphics capabilities of the classic genre.

For the plot, Doom Mars tells about a soldier's struggle on a mission to the planet. In fact, it is a punishment for them to attack a good officer after being ordered to kill innocent people. He and other soldiers guard the Moon, Mars, Phobos, and Deimos, which teleport station. However, the machine was brought to the planet Hell indirectly including the earth to destroy the monster. We went after his colleague's death. No more the planet decided to escape from the spacecraft itself and go hand in hand with a gun and fight the monsters.


Doom is a relatively narrow action and depth. It gives players more scope to explore. But at its core is a first-person shooter action game. Your mission is to defeat all the monsters on the planet Mars and Live to get in the way. If you call monsters on earth, it will all be over. So you are the last hope of mankind.

How to play fantastic, so that it is most likely to play nothing shooting games on the phone. A virtual screen with the left joystick loads the screen, moving you shooting like the form on the right side again. You will need to remember every key location that is hidden when it is used automatically.

Level 9

The game takes you into battle at 9 levels. Enemies weapons, In fact, learn when to attack with them, how smart move. The gameplay is not difficult to understand. You just have to stop your character to promote it and destroy all the monsters to the next level. In addition, you can also be different types of weapons while fighting. The Doom Map Design Maze is divided into several areas. In addition to fighting, you try to avoid secret doors. Some doors require a password or key to look for it. At the last level, you will find a huge boss's face. It was a monster from hell.


There are a lot of similarities between classic shooters like Doom weapons. In addition to the game offering various weapons such as AK, shotgun, weapons such as pistol, rifle, sniper rifle, ... you know, you can use certain weapons such as laser weapons and fly. In dangerous situations, do not hesitate to use grenades.

Graphics and sound

As in the game the old game 3D console graphics classics. Understand that because the game was released in 1993, you hope unfortunately Doom can't finish a shooting game with realistic and bold graphics of your choice. Excellent graphics to bring you a feeling of loneliness away from home for a long time.

When fighting, you will enjoy the 80's and 90's classic soundtrack. It's a little slow, maybe not like you. However, the sound of weapons and monsters was quite authentic and impressive.


Overall, Doom, which is very suitable for those 90-game players who want to see a bit of nostalgia. More than 20 years later, this game is still one of the best first-person shooting games. Are you ready to join the safe war with the devil and the earth?