Touch Himawari Mod APK V1.5

Touch Himawari Mod APK V1.5 1.5 Scaricare per Android 2024

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1.5 per Android
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gen 02, 2023
110.4 MB
Android richiesto:
9.0 and up

There aren't a lot of chances for you to live in a world like an anime. Where you can talk to all sorts of people without ever having to leave your house. If you haven't done this yet, App could be a great way to live in a real anime world.

At the moment, the only type of game that we support is a role-playing game. This is where players can show how they directly took part in the game. They can control what happens during the day and night by pressing ready-made buttons.

From the game's performance analysis, it's clear that how well the game does depends on how interested the player is in it. At some point during the game, the players may be given a choice of what to do. If you choose any of the options, you'll see different stories in the form of outcomes.


The app is an Android game that simulates a unique anime world. In the anime world, the player acts like a normal person and even talks to random people based on what they like. They are also random friends in the game because they like the same things.

Even though all of the girls we can talk to in the game are considered to be pretty. Most of the time, when players first start out, they want to be friends with these girls. You start to flirt with these girls and try to get into their social networks as time goes on.

We think you should talk to each other often so you can get to know each other better. Talking to people often could even help you find new things you've never seen before. But talking often and showing that you are interested are very different things.

This means that the gamer can choose how to handle the situation by choosing between different options. If you want to pass the time quickly in App Download, you need to choose the watch at the right time. This will make the days and nights go by faster. The better you are at making time pass, the faster the days will go by.

Mobile Phone Gamers can easily find new friends and talk to them, but they can also easily use a number of other basic features. There are custom settings, mini-games, and a live chat option, among other things. When Android Phone gamers find new friends and talk to them, they will enjoy the experience more.

Minigames can only be played inside the main game. Credits will be given to you if you play the minigames and do well as you move through the levels. These credits can be used later to unlock things like new characters or even whole new levels.

Another game that can be played is called Blocks Game. You just need to choose the character and let the game start. This will give you some free time. Right now, the store option is turned off. Sword Quest is a fun game with a story that you can play for free.


  • Android devices can get the apk file for free.
  • Easy to play and set up.
  • No registration.
  • Not a subscriber.
  • When you install the game, you can do different things.
  • Chances to try out Android Mobile Phone's features and options.
  • There are different minigames you can play.
  • Such as General-Style Puzzle Games, Games for Solving Puzzles, Games with a Romantic Element, and more.
  • Remember that the Japanese anime characters and the cute Japanese girl can talk to each other.
  • Even the people who play Dear Japanese Friend Himavari know how it works.
  • There can't be any ads.
  • It's called a "Messaging App" because you can use it to chat in real time.
  • Start talking to other characters who are working on different puzzles.
  • Characters from other anime shows are added.
  • All of the characters in anime are girls.
  • The game's controls were kept easy to use.

Last Words.

The app is an interesting game that could make any gamer happy and give them a lot of fun. Try this amazing game if you want to have fun without having to compete with anyone. It gives you a lot of opportunities to have fun.

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