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Play Sausage Play This week was a particularly fun game to play, this game Quick App reached the top free apps store # 1. A fun enough play this Christmas to meet, why run sausage tests recently no games too famous (MoD Unlimited). Money, advertising removal)., For a bit more information, the product is Crazy Labs, the company known for its creative and apparently "crazy" game. Has been given by the Minister.

Download APK Run Sausage Mod Summary

Name - Run Sausage Run

Publisher - Crazy Labs By TabTale

Genre - 2D, Casual, Entertainment, Offline

Latest version - 1.19.1

Size - 84M

MOD Features - Forever Money, No Ads

Support - Android 4.1

Get over it

The game is simple but good enough. I have tried and explained how this could be enough to make a great movement for a simple game like this.

Playing style

Run an interesting game Run Wurstküche to escape the numerous obstacles at the house, where it must take sausage instructions from the kitchen of a nightmare. There were scrolling runners, not an endless play if you run sausage if you constantly run the job you want to cut the sauce, not roasted ... it will not be easy because if you break too fast, too much or too little jump or too slow. To add, if you die in your own little sausage is very bloody, you probably should not witness.

First sausage can slowly move your speed control slowly: speed and low speed after overcoming obstacles. The game is also very difficult to apply the physical properties of the game, which makes sense through the necessary sense of inertia and precise manipulation.

Power-ups, unlock Wursthaut

At the same time, you should collect coins for power-ups and can be used at the highest points. With the money raised from the game screen, turn on or unlock new skin you can use to buy their sausage. There are dozens of different skin tones and power-ups working in dozens of games to choose the best way.

It should be noted that no effect is left for the skin's cooling sauce product. For example, I thought Ninja Unlocked Skin and run the Sausage I believe, but it was not like a normal sausage.

Graphics and sound

In the past, I was very loud and without a sound because of the mobile game I play headaches. But it's more than great music to run sausage. It's designed to relieve me of the laughs followed by really stressful hours of fun. In fact, you dare not laugh when you hear this sound crazy.

Graphic style also plays a big role in attracting sausage running. The way the game Crazy Labs graphics made me curious. Sausage, so this popular dish is mouth, nose, nose, representative, and limbs like a normal person. Movements and people laugh with humor, even some of our sausage character. Have you noticed it? Every time the sausage is running, it sends back the movement, even with weight and mind.

Play anytime, anytime

So that the screen can be designed vertically, play sausage plays quickly and easily paused and started at any time. It seems that those who have a little free time can be an interesting option.

Show the game will appear suddenly everywhere, never once. It is designed to support developers and advertisements as a significant source of revenue for them to remove app packages.

In the final

This game reminds me of a funny cartoon called Silly Road. The game brings gameplay, sound fun graphics. This is a simple, enjoyable game not easy and after a while boring.

It seems that the game still lacks some kind of power system or something similar. But you should also try to play this game. Run Play Sausage and experience for iOS users on the App Store. For those who use Android and a Sausage Escape APK change or expect to wait a long time to appear on Google Play, the game is the right day.