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Install the APK version of Pokémon Smile now to rescue the Pokémon. Brush your teeth regularly to eliminate the dangerous bacteria on your teeth.

Overview information

NamePokémon Smile
PublisherThe Pokemon Company
Version1.0.3 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 6.0

Introduce about Pokémon Smile

If brushing your teeth is tedious and tedious for you, replace the Pokemon Smile with a brushing action to fill a Pokડેdex in one act. Get ready to explore this unique game!

What is Pokemon Smile?

Basically, Pokemon Smile is an AR game for kids. It helps guide parents to brush their teeth more accurately. You know, every day many children are not interested in brushing their teeth. It is a nightmare for parents to persuade their children to brush their teeth twice a day. But with Pokemon Smile it will help to improve children's cleaning habits in a very interesting and unique way.

An AR educational game

The front face of the phone (or tablet) uses the camera marrow to observe the cleaning activity of the Pokemon Smile Player. After that, the game collapses with beautiful stickers and AR effects. When you brush your teeth you will see Pokemon wearing a hat.

In other words, Pokemon Smile delights the teeth with adorable Pokemon. Of course, gamers can capture those beautiful moments by taking selfies. Choose your favorite photo, edit it, and add super fun stickers!

Is it interesting? It becomes more interesting when the selfie function can happen automatically while brushing the teeth. This will save four photos in your library. If the player does not want this, deactivate this function in settings.

Why play

You can see your own face through the camera in front of the Pokemon hat. Believe the Pokemon smile five, four, three, two, one and the game begins.

Clouds of purple bacteria appeared at a dynamic pace. This is a reminder that players need to brush their teeth evenly and thoroughly if they do not want bacteria to be present in the oral cavity. Follow the rhythm of the game and brush your teeth from left to right, up and down.

In addition to tips for open teeth, the game constantly encourages you to brush your teeth more quickly. At each level, the game can help you clean all the areas in your mouth. As you brush your teeth through the speaker, the game reminds you if not the right technique.

Pokemon Smile also has a feature that sets the cleaning time: one, two, or three minutes. The game is integrated into the standard cleaning cycle of major medical centers. Make sure you are cleaning up with Pokemon Smile.

Have fun and save Pokemon

First, look at the camera, then point your finger at your face and brush your teeth. This game is an assessment of whether you are doing really well.

Pokemon will appear at the bottom of the screen. He felt trapped in a large space full of bacteria and could not escape. If you brush your teeth and get a good rating from the system, you will break down the bacteria and release this Pokemon.

By brushing your teeth regularly, you can also get unique Pokemon hats - visible on your head when you brush your teeth. It’s interesting when you see the smiles and hugs of Pikachu, Fushigiso, or the lizard.

Download Pokemon Smiles and challenge your friends to see who can win the Brushing Master Prize!

Lots of Pokemon

When the Pokemon smile joins, players can catch 151 first-generation Pokemon to complete Pokemon.

Every kid loves Pokemon like a friend, so they will be thrilled to band together to save their friends. Brush your teeth with your baby and collect these adorable Pokemon!

Set a reminder to brush your teeth

Pokemon Smile lets players set 3 reminders to brush their teeth.

In addition to this feature, players often consult a dentist. This can be a tip to keep your teeth shiny and fresh or to clean your teeth well.

Download Pokemon Smile APK for Android

Brushing twice a day will give you healthy teeth, whiteness, and more confidence. And now brushing your teeth to save Pokemon is even more fun. Not only children but also adults can learn to brush their teeth well through this exciting AR game.

Install the game on your Android device and develop your cleaning habits with Pokemon Smile!