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Jun 18, 2020
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StormHit Games
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God Mode
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Stickman The Flash Violent Wars. Download the MOD APK version of this game and save the world before you die!

Introduction Stickman The Flash

Stickman games are becoming increasingly popular. They are full of action, simple and addictive. You could also become a fan of some of the most popular products like League of Stickman, Stickman Legend, or more recently Stickman The Flash.


One of the factors that have caught millions of players in the Stickman series is the simple, addictive gameplay. In Stickman The Flash, you control a green stickman hero and try to fight ninja, warriors, and white stick figures. It looks like the world is in turmoil at the opening scene and strangers are constantly attacking you. You have to move them, dodge, and attack. To do this, swipe the screen or touch it anywhere. Accordingly, the character moves forward to a position where he automatically strikes or kicks in order to make a momentary deal when that position appears to be the enemy.

In general, the gameplay will be like this. You start the first level with a goal of 7200 points. If you beat the opponent, you will pass with a high score and go to the next level. Of course, the white stick figure is easy to beat to score, but eventually, the boss will appear. You can be a ninja, super warrior, or something.

You will have a little trouble coping with the boss. They take a lot of damage and speed when they take unexpected steps. Fortunately, if you have good control, it is not very difficult to beat them on the first level. You can dodge and then attack later to win! If you defeat the boss, you can choose his weapon to continue the fight.


Stickman The Flash gameplay focuses on accuracy and dexterity. This means you attack directly or do more damage to your opponent's vulnerabilities. In the meantime, deftly you can avoid the onslaught of enemies. But no matter when Green Stickman fights with empty hands, a full boss or champion armed with weapons and armor, you will probably face defeat. Equip your hero with the best weapons.

Stickman The Flash has a pretty sophisticated item system. You can equip stickman warriors with weapons, armor, gloves, boots, and protective caps. They offer various benefits, e.g. B. Weapons that increase damage, attack speed, and skill performance. Armor increases your stamina, while shoes help you move faster. Sold in all stores. You can use gems collected in the battle to unlock them.

If that’s not enough, you can also take these types of tools from bosses or defeated generals. You go, just touch to select the goods and use them.


Stickman The Flash or any other bike game based on 2D graphics. Some are mysterious, have to be carefully designed, and choose colors carefully. Others are so simple that there are a few distinctive colors, while the characters are just the same colors. Stickman The Flash is a different matter and you must have recognized it from the beginning. But not because of this simplicity, but because of the lack of vitality and charm in the eyes of the players.

Movement effects, lighting effects, and sounds are really the highlights that get people more attention. You will soon be excited when you see the Stickman characters scream and roar every time in battle or in the Stickman The Flash!

About The latest version of Stickman The Flash MOD Apk

MOD Features

  • God Mode: Your warrior is free from enemy damage.

Note: You could still die if the bomb exploded.

Why should you use the MOD version?

Stickman The Flash Mod APK simplifies your Appstoreaccess challenge. When the enemy is "one-shot" you will not have the possibility of unexpected death.


Stickman The Flash has a lot to look forward to. Fast hack and slash gameplay, amazing battles, impressive 2D graphics, and many other interesting things. You can check out everything I said by downloading the game from the link below this article.