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Jun 13, 2020
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Now you can download the APK version of SimpleRockets 2 on Appstoreaccess as it is free!

Introduction to SimpleRockets 2

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an astronaut, flying rockets, and exploring space? Not everyone can build a rocket, it is the work of world-class experts. However, developer Jundru has introduced a game called Simplerockets - a game that anyone of any age can use to build their rocket. With unique content, the game became famous and quickly came to the top of the class. After the success of the first version, Simple Pocket 2 was born quickly, and many expected it.

Missile production

Like its predecessor, SimpleRockets 2 will open up huge 3D space to build rockets of any size you want. With over 17 challenges and many different levels, the game challenges the limits of your own creativity.

SimpleRockets 2 is not just a fun game. It provides a wealth of knowledge of aircraft assembly technologies, missiles, and engines, and gives players the experience that they are actually building a missile. With the supply of engines and parts, players need to assemble them manually to complete the final product.

The game has many parts with many different functions from which the player can choose. For example, if you choose an eight-engine type aircraft or rocket engine. The Mage engine, in particular, runs on extremely strong kerosene, the ion engine is weak, but gives a high degree of efficiency. Easily shape the fuel tank, grip, wings, and resizing parts and fit them into the rocket models you want to build. The rocket model is very complex and has many small details such as solar panels, pistons, and wheels. Don't forget them!

The heat was constantly generated during the operation of rockets, active pistons, and combined fuels. Please install the cooler to reduce pressure. If the temperature is too high, unexpected problems can easily occur. In addition, players can bring parts of the assembly into space and use them to build bases on space stations, gas stations, detectors, satellites, or even the moon. They can be used as a stop or as an exchange with other astronaut stations.

Explore the universe

Along with building rockets, players can also discover 3D planets designed in detail by Zandra's team. Many strange planets appear in the galaxy. In SimpleRockets 2, Earth not only saves lives, but other planets also have biome, deserts, meadows, and water. What could be more interesting than building your own missile and using it on your space exploration trip?

In time support mode, the actual simulated orbit shortens the time from one planet to another. You can set your schedule using the map to see the route of the missile and then set the mode you want.


The graphics in SimpleRockets 2 are really impressive. Space and planets are realistically simulated on a 3D platform. Rocket parts have very detailed, practical interactions during assembly and use. While playing this game, you feel like you are flying in the universe with a real rocket.

To make the design unique and personal, players can manually adjust the color scheme, contrast their creations, adjust the type and details of the composition.


In general, in games of the same simulation genre, there are very few games with detailed and realistic graphics like SimpleRockets 2. The game is carefully developed for gameplay and graphics and helps players experience real and interesting. It gives you a lot of knowledge about the universe, rockets, and so on ... In addition, the game turns astronauts into astronauts. You can make friends, chat, and share the rocket model you created.