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Apr 17, 2020
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Genius Studio Japan
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If you don't have a girlfriend, download Romantic Love Story on My Rental Girlfriend (MOD Premium Choice), the latest picture novel from Genius Japan Studios.

Introduction to My Rental Girlfriend

Visual novel games are very popular with players from many countries, especially men. Life is currently more modern and convenient. It accidentally accelerates human life. We are always busy in life and work and forget the things that give us happiness. Many people do not have the time and a serious relationship. Games like My Rental Girlfriend were developed so many players could chat and chat with beautiful girls.

If you regularly follow Appstoreaccess contributions, you already know the editors of some other studios like My Nurse Girlfriend or My Dragon Girlfriend. In general, their gameplay is very similar to this game. But the action of each game brings you to the unexpected.


Of course, in a visual novel, conspiracy is always the first thing that interests the player. First of all, you will go through part of the action, give the main character and the reason for appearing in this city. First, the pace of the story is too slow, you may feel sad and want to continue with the second story. But that could be a mistake. After the first part of Chapter 1 you will meet Selina, a beautiful, kind, and caring girl. When the main character is confused, the story begins quickly and with many surprises.

My Rental Girlfriend plot is inspired by a hired-a-girlfriend anime (drawn by artist Reiji Miyajima) You're a normal student, even a little happy. They have everything the students dream of, including a big building, a nice car, and an impressive score. Your life feels perfect and you don’t have to worry about anything. But you do not have a girlfriend, but your friends are with all the interesting girls. The hero is always angry with her.

One day you will receive a flyer about the "Rental Girlfriends" service. This is the key that will open the door and find you. Why take the time and risk to find a girlfriend when you can easily hire someone? You take your cell phone and keep some friends for a while. Anger starts here.

Not what you imagine. You fall in love with these girls. But you can only choose one of these three beautiful girls. No one deserves to be hurt, right? Will this story end? Are you going to pick the right girl or avoid this annoying spiral? Do not forget to rate this game. Find your answer.


Basically, you have to choose one of the answers to communicate with the girls. My Rental Girlfriend is a visual novel game, so there’s no right or wrong. Each answer takes the story in a new direction. And you should know that each of your decisions can change the end of the story.

Do not worry. Imagine this game as a novel and enjoy it. If it has an unwanted ending, you can play it by changing it from the beginning.

Three beautiful girls information

To give you more subtle answers, we will give you some information about the three girls:

  • Selena: A girl who is always optimistic, nice, beautiful, and knows how to take care of others. Selena is also very smart. She was never a hired friend for you.
  • Tessa: Your childhood friend. From an early age she was a beautiful, beautiful and shy girl. He is in search of faith.
  • Zoe: She is one of the most famous girls in the "Rental Girlfriend" company. She never loved anyone. However, his eyes are very special to you.

What is a premium option?

With a few questions, My Rental Girlfriend gives you some brave answers. It helps to impress you in the eyes of girls and easily loses its heart. "Buying words doesn't cost you anything." However, for these answers (called premium options) you have to use them to buy diamonds instead of the usual free answers.


My Rental Girlfriend offers you mini-games with which you can play indefinitely. The rules are the same for the slot machine in the casino. If you are lucky, you will get about 20 tickets. This is a great opportunity for you to buy diamonds and trade them for premium options.


My Rental Girlfriend has 2D graphics like an anime movie. However, it’s not like you can leave a picture of this game. The three girls have a beautiful style and very sweet voices and emotions. I think she could be any boy's dream girl.

You can also enjoy gentle and romantic piano music. The music also varies depending on the location of the game. You feel a lot when you experience it.

MOD version of My Rental Girlfriend

MOD function

  • Free Premium Choice: With the help of the MOD version, you can easily win the hearts of three girls. Specifically, you can use the game to choose the premium option for free.


If you want to learn how to communicate with women, My Rental Girlfriend is a game. Each story is very interesting and makes it impossible to close your eyes on the phone. Each story has many lessons. You can see how every wrong choice affects relationships.