Internet Cafe Simulator MOD Apk untuk Android Gratis Unduh

1.4 untuk Android
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Jan 06, 2020
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Mod Features:
Unlimited Money
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Android 4.1
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Internet Cafe Simulator (Mod Unlimited Money) Publisher Cocopo Internet Cafe Management Simulation. The game is both iOS and allows people to download for Android and play for free. What is different from a normal simulation game? If I bet it can be the most realistic business simulation game is always played All this is needed is to clear a jade, move the element and cook. After playing the game you will feel the cafes if you own difficulties.

Simulator Mod Summary of Internet Cafe APKs

Name - Internet Cafe Simulator

Publisher - Cocopo

Genre - 3D, Offline, Simulation

Latest Version - 1.4

Size - 41M

MOD Features - Unlimited Money

Platforms - Android 4.1

Get over it

You know that it couldn't happen, it was very successful on PC. Is it Steam for $ 5 for detailed graphics, all components for Cocopo Android and iOS version are sold and game idea with gameplay? Nice! They did a good job of it.

Want to trade? Paid before rent!

An ordinary person, passionate and dreams of their own internet cafe. You go to a city to start a business, rent an apartment. With $ 20,000 (their $ 10,000 and $ 10,000 bank on loan), what would you do? But first, an internet cafe simulator is required to rent an apartment. Because you are an ordinary person, you also need to eat and rest. Your character has a health indicator (yellow food bar). If your health index is poor, you can work. You have something else to eat in your home.

Realistic restaurant management game

Why Do I Say Internet Cafe is the Simulator's Most Realistic Restaurant Management Simulation Game? In real life as in this game, you have to do everything yourself. It provides almost all the activities of one person in a single day. And for the first time ever, this game is more realistic.

After waking up, make some in the fridge. Move into the ground floor and into his cafe, open the door of his apartment (do not forget to close the door before going out). You can buy some food and second-hand goods on the market. After purchase, you have to take me to my backpack and cafe.

Don't go bankrupt

An Internet cafe simulator with fun teaches you how to manage your money and your time. If you do not know, Internet Cafe Cafe provides Internet services to charge as a customer. If your business is growing rapidly for a large number of customers, such as providing public computers, game consoles, drinks, and fast food, etc., you can open pubs for dance floors and there are many different types of services such as kitchen lounges. General Chat Chat Lounge

There are many things you invest in, but keep calm. The amount of money that you don't have much if you leave bankruptcy early, you should not buy every device. You can buy food, machinery, and computers at their desks. Beware of anonymous messages Your bank account can be hacked, and you will lose some money (in-game), hacker.

You are in a situation that some duel customers do not pay for their services. Proof that if they leave, your money will not increase. After playing Internet Cafe Simulator you can see many problems if an open cafe.

More hired employees

With a large number of restaurant customers, you can't do everything yourself. Hire more staff, cooks, and management staff. You look shy guy, though? He is a thief. He said that if you do not steal attention a few things in the cafe. Security setting, this problem is solved. He would "teach" thief lessons he thought would sneak into the cafe.

Realistic graphics

With a realistic game like Internet Cafe Simulator, the game should be detailed and sharp 3D graphics. This is where the cafe owner and a lot of life and help problems feel like you live in the real world. Also, the game is flat, realistic motion. Although developed by the PC version, you can thanks to mobile devices the controller is still using intuitive control.


Internet Cafe Simulator game that gives you a realistic perspective on the management coffeehouse business. That makes it difficult and as much money as possible to run a cafe if you can't find it away. How to steal paying customers ... If you have any problems running a cafe are you ready to manage your own internet cafe? Download the game via the link below and start your business today.