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Do you dream of opening your own restaurant? Do you like to cook delicious food and everyone can enjoy it? Join Delicious World APK and help Emily fulfill her passion. The game was published by Gamehouse, a publisher with a passion for fun games of all ages. Gamehouse games are all connected, it's like a long-running TV show about their characters (Emily, Amber, Angel).

A romantic story

The game of general restaurant management is old, so be prepared for the thrill of fine pastries and glasses of wine. Delicious World takes you in search of a colorful story. Emily developed her restaurants in many different countries. In each chapter, you will find the food and culture of each country. Travel the world, travel, and see Paris, Mumbai, Tokyo, Rome or Beijing.

In addition to working in a restaurant, you'll meet Emily's curious friends. Search, chat with your friends, family, or even your opponents. Can Emily find her love? Find the game.


Put on gloves and cook with a Delicious World romantic cooking game. In this restaurant management game, you play a creative cook who is willing and willing to take risks. Would you like to make a tea-flavored pancake syrup to take part in a local cooking competition? The desire to let everything go to Paris and the desire to rekindle the fire of enthusiasm by you? why not? An interesting story from Delicious World will take you around the world and explore every meal.

Unlock the restaurant, upgrade, and make delicious food to decorate and collect stars. Once you become famous in one place, continue your Hons on a new horizon. What would you like to do is probably a steakhouse next to the beach. Or Roman ricotta cheese. Make sure your full investigation will be done. Delicious World is very exciting (with surprisingly cute cartoon characters) and combines the restaurant rent management simulation-style with a romantic adventure to create a cooking recipe for thousands of people. Enjoy the meal!

Don't let customers wait too long!

It’s hard to attract customers and make your customers more difficult. When your restaurant becomes popular and attracts a large number of customers, you have to work fast to serve the full customer. If a customer waits too long, they will be disappointed with the quality of service at the restaurant. Which greatly affects your reputation.

Decorate your restaurant

Delicious World brings you many new experiences. In addition to delicious food, customers often feel inspired by the restaurant with a beautiful view. The beautifully furnished restaurant offers customers a relaxed atmosphere. The game offers you a variety of furniture and decorations. You can design your restaurant in any style you want. A cozy French restaurant with an orchestra always playing classical music. Or do you prefer a traditional Chinese restaurant? Design and decorate your rest style rent in the style you want.


Humble, sweet, and lively what can I say about the graphics of the delicious world. Images are also carefully maintained along with the colorful 2D images in the game. The presence of the characters is really impressive. She is very beautiful and elegant, her voice is also very sweet. But the sound of the game is not very popular. You can turn on background music to enjoy pleasant and romantic music, making you feel like you are in a real restaurant.


It’s a restaurant management game, but I think your role is more like a cook than a manager. You need to remember the recipe of each dish, then complete it and serve it to the customer. Delicious World brings you endless cooking fun. If you like to cook and want to prepare a world-famous dish, you should not miss this game.