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Sep 22, 2020
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Top Actions
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Unlimited Money, Guns Unlocked
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Download Cover Strike (MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked Guns) and take part in counter-terrorism operations. Be careful, enemies can hit you in the head and be ready to fire!

Introduce cover strike

Cover Strike is one of the most popular first-person shooter games in the world. The classic gameplay, which focuses on more than two centuries of experience, has not changed significantly, but it still leaves something in the hearts of players. So far, several other games based on counter-strikes have been developed. Cover Strike is exclusive, with graphics and features built-in a more modern direction.


Cover Strike is just a campaign in game mode. It was done just like Call of Duty: Mobile Show. While there is no concrete conspiracy, this is a chaotic situation when the world is threatened to work together by the police and terrorists to overthrow politics. You and your partner will take part in the government campaign. The ultimate goal is to destroy the leader of these organizations.

The campaign is divided into 6 episodes, with 20 main areas of each enemy base. Winning is the way to achieve peace for the world. Of course, there will be many difficulties if the enemy's strength and knowledge continue to grow.

In fact, Cover Strike is not that difficult. If you've never played a version of Call of Duty before, you'll find that the hair has grown too fast, making it harder to catch new babies. It is common to repeat the mission several times. With this game, it's a little easier. I tried to find a trick to reduce mortality based on my past experience and I thought it was quite effective. I finished episodes 1 and 2 in just over an hour.

As a control, I can only describe one word that is simple. Familiar designs with virtual keypads are attached to function symbols on the edges of the screen. You can also adjust the sensitivity in the setting if you want a better target.

Join the campaign against terrorism

Cover Strike is a 100% offline game. Connections with other players are not supported, so you can only play alone. So what about fellow players? This is a problem because they can support you in difficult cases when you can't connect with your friends.

To close this gap, the top beacons were added by three warriors, the Phoenix, the Cobra, and the Thunder. Phoenix is ​​the standard character and is the first expedition with you from shoulder to shoulder. The other two had the best skills with a professionally trained mercenary history by the military. So, you have to pay if you want to reduce the risk of losing on the battlefield.


Although Cover Strike is a small game, it has a fairly large and rich collection of weapons. Here you will find common weapons used in combat and the military, ranging from machine guns such as the Gatling M61, M249 to snipers like RPG-7, AWP, and other Rifle guns.

Firepower, use, and effectiveness vary depending on terrain, combat, and combat. You can shoot enemies with a single shot while using AWP. Although there is no flexibility in it, it has the advantage of a very broad view that knows enemies for no reason. All parameters are provided in the information interface on the left side of the screen. You can read it for more details.

In this game, there are shops to buy and sell almost all items, but not all. Daily searches and rewards are also worth considering. I longed for AK-Golden Golden and now it's easy to sign up by getting it on the fourth day after downloading the game. There are also grenades and bonuses.


Top Actions said it designed the graphics for the cover strike on the Vibrant 3D graphics platform. The details have been reproduced from reality, but have been adjusted to work easily on poorly configured phones. I checked and found unexpected results that the game is only 60 MB.

MOD version of Cover Strike

MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Money: With the MOD version you have a lot of money.
  • Unlocked weapon: All weapons in the shop have been unlocked.


Cover Strike offers a simple but extremely pleasant experience. Instead of developing game mods and many complex tasks, the game focuses on just one aspect to make you happy. Hopefully, future releases will be updated with something new.