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ऐप्स , Photos & Videos
4.4.1 एंड्रॉयड के लिए
संशोधित किया गया:
दिसम्बर 27, 2019
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Mod Features:
Paid, Unlocked
आवश्यक एंड्रॉइड:
Android 4.1
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TouchRetouch (Paid, The MoD Open) is a powerful image editing application for Android and iOS. Removing this helps every object in your photo process with any icons. ADVA sells soft photography programs for $ 1.99, but with our APK You can know something about TouchRetouch - a photo editing program that is used by many people - absolutely free.

Summary about TouchRetouch MOD APK

Name - TouchRetouch

Publisher - ADVA Soft

Genre - Photos & Videos

Latest Version - 4.4.1

Size - 9MB

MOD Features - Paid, Unlocked

Platforms - Android 4.1


TouchRetouch Release ADVA is soft. Since its launch, the app has reached nearly one million on Google Play with many positive reviews installed. This is a very popular photo editing program with powerful features. It works like a professional image editing software. Sometimes when you accidentally take a beautiful landscape photo, but an object (people, animals, vehicles) can be accidentally broken from the composition due to the lost photo. This app gives you the solution. You do not need to look and learn how to complicate software on your computer for image-editing use. You can, of course, remove photo items with just a few simple steps. You can edit and delete details, it will also be able to figure it out.

Easy interface

This benefit is worth noting that TouchRetouch is easy to observe. This application has a very simple interface and is not easy to use. Even if you don't have much experience in photo editing, you can still use it with ease. The first time the app on your phone, it will lead you through some basic steps to remove unwanted objects in your photos. Here are some instructional videos on applying the full functionality experience.

When you open the app on the screen, there are only two albums and a tutorial button. It provides a video on how to use the tutorials and how TouchRetouch works. The earlier you go into the selection, the album and your photo library the more effective you are. Choose an image if you want to edit, and start with the TouchRetouch magic.

Place an object in the image

It is a feature that TouchRetouch attracts millions of users around the world. With just a few simple steps, you can delete unwanted objects in your photos. For professional photo editors, they seem like a picture with sophisticated tools in many hours of editing, but in a few steps, it can be done.

To move an object to remove it, you can either brush and select Lasso Tools. Brush helps remove a large substance. Select an object to drag your finger. The application can remove the substance and make it if it does not exist. In addition, Lasso is blacked out throughout the body and wiped out. You can adjust the size of the black impasto more precisely. If the details are extremely small, then use Zoom In / Zoom Out.

In my experience, this feature of the way we hope does not work. In many cases, you can delete items that do not lead to your photos being wrong. The practice of getting the images right takes a lot of time.

Line away

This is a feature I don't expect much when installing TouchRetouch. But after use, it's really impressive. Instead of applying lasso and brush tools I started automatically detects straight lines such as wires, wires, and you can easily remove them. Your pictures will be more artistic and beautiful. However, in this case, more colors and use segments are removed on each section of the complex objects to identify their picture. Then you can remove each segment.

Quick repair

If you like acne scars, use only small details that will make a quick repair with a brush. This app is easy to stain and quickly remove on your photos.

In addition, the Clone Stamp Update helps in deleting areas after you delete an object. This tool also helps to move an object to a different location in the same image. Before you move it to adjust the blurred and shaped object forgotten. In addition, Clone Stamp offers a mirror, it helps you to create a mirror image of your photos. Some of the drawbacks of this feature are the image cover helps to build reflective art images. TouchRetouch is really very powerful.

TouchRetouch Features

  • Easy to use
  • Delete object.
  • Remove the straight line.
  • Removes impurities.
  • Artificial traffic lights, things like cars, etc. increased
  • Before and after position /.
  • Zoom in, undo.


Total TouchRetouch is a professional and powerful photo editing program. It helps you to easily delete the image of unwanted elements quickly, but the image retains its natural appearance. It's very easy to use with all of them. They have only a great reputation for many photo editing experiences, and the Magic app is not required. TouchRetouch Free Download at the link below this article.