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अक्तूबर 07, 2020
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Yesterday, I presented to you the game Zombie Tsunami, one of the most underway, but it's still not the best. Temple Run 2 Imangi Studio (MoD Earth has been issued an endless running clearance by Unlimited). Since its introduction, the game" "Game, mobile games have been redefined" "and described a large number of players around the world.

Temple Run 2 MOD Summary

Name - Year Temple Run 2

Publisher - Imangi Studios 

Genre - Art-3D, offline adventure

Latest version - 1.62.1

Size - 72MB

MOD Features - unlimited lending

Support - Android 4.0

Get over it

It has been updated with respect to the image more than the previous version, while you easily see a significant change in Part 2. In addition, the game also offers many interesting characters new and updated, enters unforgettable experiences and if you become addicted, you are not good. I'm sure all of your friends play this game break your score record?

Run nonstop

Temple Run 2 is an endless running gameplay. I think it looks very similar to the subway surfers of the man, but the game has different contexts and content. They are inaccessible in the mysterious forest of adventure, but you have to find the hidden artifact of thousands of years of happiness. But you never knew you were a real nightmare. This artifact does not dare a terrible curse, waking up to a catastrophic end. Because you are aware of the protection of the huge monster artifact, and now you can not be torn to pieces, as difficult to run. Remember, don't look back, always, because it's behind you!

How to play

In Temple Run 2, you must have coins to overcome obstacles and travel-wise. You should really focus on eliminating dangerous rocks, tombs full of lines and dark mesh. Just a mistake, you become a dinner for other monsters.

How to play the game online, and you probably already know about the thought of controlling the role of the character to go on difficult to spread the screen, swipe down to move the injury or the right is easier to move. It is always easy, especially when trying to play a sophisticated case that they said at any given time frustrated efforts by many designers.

Some of the figures you get, when you run such time or coin magnets that shield you (such as subway surfers) to suck no. In particular, if you die, you can continue the journey with blue diamonds. The number of diamonds you spend the next time double. They are very valuable in this game you buy ads with your face they can see.

Character System and Properties

Money will be used to unlock and collect more of your favorite characters. Add to the game selected group very different and constantly updated. The latest version you can "King of Speed ​​"Unlock athlete Usain Bolt. Hard to chase after Usain Bolt, there is a huge gorilla to be tough!

During the game, you collect money and diamonds. They are used to improve symptoms. Some properties of each character can directly or indirectly affect the game.

Typically, there are 5 levels of money that diamonds can use for each feature upgrade. Its higher levels of performance, more and more.


  • The coin will help y
  • ou to get more gold
  • Shield Duration: Time shield
  • Coin Magnet: Magnet attracts money
  • And many other qualities ...

Unlock the characters enough to upgrade the coins and get the diamond properties, you have time to pass the game. And if you do not achieve this without hard support. But if you have some time, you should really use Temple Run 2 mode apk, totally acquired free property and update characters.

I like the design of the game

Temple Run 2, the graphics have been greatly improved on previous versions. Great visual experience, so without playing boring hours. The sound is impressive. Every time you feel your heart eager to hear the gorilla shout behind you.

In the main interface of the game, the system is divided into several areas. You can find new areas opening up to experience: Sky Summit, Pirate's Cove, sand exciting Lost Sylvan Cove, frozen shadows Holi Festival ...


Overall, Temple Run 2 is a major upgrade over the previous version. The gameplay remains the same but the graphics, extra features, character updates, updates unlock new characters ...

Whether it's a lot or not, and choose the free time apk version, or if you still prefer the busy and mod version, game study serves as a great pastime after hours of stress. Play now, and don't forget: "So run the Death Stop tool"