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अप्रैल 24, 2020
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Shadow Fight 2 (Mod Unlimited Money) Shadow War, an updated version of the most successful version of the game fighting series, is released by the Nekki series. It is also one of the first best games, you must also introduce APKMody in the early days.

Summary of Shadow Fight 2 mod apk

Name - Shadow Fight 2

Publisher - Nekki

Genre - 2D, Countervailing, Offline

Latest version - 2.1.3

Size - 142MB

MOD feature - Unlimited Money

Support - Android 4.1

Get over it


The game starts with a very epic video that tells the main story.

The main character is just the ball

Fight in the shade 2, you will find an invaluable change around the world looking for opponents of samurai warriors. Victory That arrogant and samurai or gate shadow seal is broken (the dark door) creates a prohibitive injury. It is where it is placed to catch the world's most dangerous enemy.

That carries the effects caused by failure. The powerful magic of the shadow of those Gate doors captures your entire appearance, leaving it with only shadows and gone into the world. Believing that he was wrong and could endanger the whole world, he is determined to train and fight back to capture the monsters in the dark.

Playing style

You will experience striking combo fighting style

Shadow Fight 2 Tekken that role in the same fighting role as traditional RPG games such as the terrible Kombat. Attack on the move Your job is to engage in combat 1v1 fighting and control the key to avoid enemy attacks. The important thing is to constantly combine important skills and build a combo.

You can use one of four hands:

  • Hands: Can be used either with or without the use of a weapon
  • Leg: Use enemies to attack attack
  • Darts: Afar start damage from enemies darts
  • Magic: Used to attack magic

Game 2 has several levels of shadow to fight from extremely difficult to simply share with different levels of difficulty. So as soon as no problem to win, you can find the first game screen with controls to be aware, especially. On the next screen, you will have difficulty fitting and proper exercise to increase the flash or exit.

Game Mod

Choose a character from Arena mode

The game is not a very difficult and exciting task, but it is not keen. If you want to win another fight shadows must have patience, while constantly adding new areas for new effects and exploring the game is always its charm. 

First, you have seven chapters in this story mode. Conquer consists of seven major owners. Especially in the last chapter, all the owners take that was rejected earlier. Honors will be stronger and land loss is not easier than slowly. They will use their advanced equipment and abilities through attacks. Need to improve strength, because when you defeat a boss and bodyguard, you have the right to unlock the plot and unlock new game modes. Can be found in:

Sub-mode: You can earn money to buy equipment and make improvements

  • Tournament status (tournament)
  • Preventive measures
  • Duels Mode (Arena)
  • Ascension Mode: Win is needed in this mode, you will also get special outfits and special features.
  • Challenge mode (challenge)
  • Special Mode: Under Eclipse (Eclipse)
  • Design

2D graphics, but very beautiful

Owned Nekki technically made a very user-friendly and beautiful 2D game. Instead, the emphasis is on the subject game background in the background, while the subject is completely black. This is understandable because the story of the game is told from the detail of the story.

Take part in the fight, you will see the ease of the game. Strike, character effects, and weapon effects combine action film on your phone screen to make it easy right. There they come in comparison to this fight slow enough to play games to find high speed, but the Japanese samurai explains the importance of mind: calm, concentration, determination - it's also because I swept Shadow Fight 2 that is no game.

Frequently Asked Questions about SF2

  • Is Shadow Fight 2 an online or offline play?

    • Offline dentist. You can easily play without an internet connection.

  • On which platform can I play this game?

    • Includes Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, many, Microsoft Windows.

  • What's the difference between Shadow Fight 2 and Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition?

    • Special Edition is a paid version and version you will be able to play freely without energy restriction. There is also a special chapter.

If you do not want to spend money to play the SE version, the modal shadow game 2 mod version will help you money very easily, without limit play.


Overall, Shadow Fighting 2 is "moving" in half that defines all its essence Nekki and border combat "without even playing the original abuse. The opponent is. But again, it has helped us to style the game very easy to play low risk, but also creates a powerful addictive effect. Now you play with wireless connection friends, allowed the game.

Shadow 2 interface is a great mix of combat and gameplay. The graphics are so simple the gameplay. Supported on many platforms, including PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. At this point, the two shadow fight as well as its work. Although three beautiful graphics went with the fight shadows, Shadow 2 Fight is still a place and will be durable over time.