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अक्तूबर 08, 2020
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123RF Limited
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Premium Unlocked
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We all have wonderful moments in our lives. Some people prefer to remember them with photos so that they do not fade over time. With Pixlr MOD APK (Premium Unlock) you can turn these moments into more complete work!

Introduction to Pixlr

Pixlr is one of three 123RF Limited apps on Google Play and has now crossed the 50 million installation mark. This application provides a professional photo editing program that lets you brand a magic wand and turn it into a masterpiece that you can share with everyone. It's completely free to download. In addition, we provide the MOD version with the link under the article.

Unique color filters

There are many elements to creating a great photo, such as: b. Composition, scaling, but for me, color is the most important factor. Pixlr uses the RBG color model to create filters. The parameters are rotated there to create individual overlays.

To apply these color filters to your photos, first import them into the application library. Next, select the Magic Star icon and what you see will appear.

There are many topics to choose from, e.g. B. Standard, vintage, soft, unicolor, or the most unique purpose. I used my portrait photos, cut them out, and added them to the original image using a creative filter. If I don't like the style, I swipe left to continue the search. And finally, Helena was chosen before I published my picture.

In general, Pixlr quality and innovation filters contribute significantly to a developer's success. Users can customize the color of their photos and easily convert them into oil painting or pencil. You are in the list of genres. Don’t hesitate to explore this store of ideas.

Powerful adjustment tool

Light is a factor that affects the overall picture. However, this is no longer a problem for you, as the adjustment tool in Pixlr can adjust it. If it is too light or too dark, the brightness will help you restore the balance and optimize the objects.

Contrast and temperature also make important contributions. They color the pictures and look a little hot or cold depending on the set level.

In addition, there are drop shadows, saturation, highlights, and double exposure effects!

Hundreds of unique photo frames

A picture without a frame is really a disadvantage. However, this lack does not exist in Pixlr, as it has a library with hundreds of photo frames, in which you can independently select and take your photos.

These frames vary greatly, from very thick edges to thin edges for sand effects that cover the whole image to make a difference.

There are many special compositions. They are provided in a premium version, which users will have to pay to use. Of course, this doesn’t mean that free users don’t get the best, as two to three-thirds of themes can be downloaded from classic, beautifully colored styles.

Pixlr Toolkit

On the first tab at the bottom left of the screen, you will find a number of image editing tools that you can use to remove objects with scaling, blur, and ease.

These changes can happen automatically. However, the Pixlr does not have the AI ​​aesthetic vision as you do in AI or any other application, so manual editing makes you feel the better quality and happier.

It's all pretty simple, but the heel is different. It’s like Phenicia that can heal any wound to make your photo ugly. Acne spots? Are scratches and dark circles clearly visible? The healing function completes them with just a few touches!

One more thing? Double risk! Yes, this effect is really beautiful. I can put the whole city in one place if it is selected as the main exhibition, while the city is behind. The blanks make the details vague and a bit vague and mysterious. In fact, not all editors support double display because the tool is quite complex if the developer has to process unnecessary details in perfect order so as not to damage a beautiful picture.

MOD version of Pixlr

MOD function

  • Premium Unlock: Some advanced filters and functions are unlocked. And of course, don't worry about advertising when using the MOD version.


Download Pixlr and help this app turn life moments into works of art! You can download the premium version of this app for free using the link below the article.